The London Times Urges Us to Fess Up Before We Dress Up in 2010

January 5, 2010 • Fashion

It's time to get honest with ourselves in how we look

With the new year rolling out ahead of us like a shiny new yellow brick road, many of us can get caught up in the 'New Year, New You' way of thinking. Not that this is bad—on the contrary, it is completely productive for us to straighten up, brush off the leftover confetti, and start jotting down some serious goals to attach ourselves to in the new year. But as our mother's mother's mother always said, it's wise to keep these goals realistic and able to be fulfilled, especially when it comes to our closets. Lisa Armstrong, fashion editor at The London Times, agrees. Looking toward the fashion-based possibilities of the new year, Armstrong urges her avid readers to first come to terms with what she calls, "7 Lies We Tell Ourselves About How We Look".

In a refreshingly terse commentary, Armstrong lists the most common little white lies we tell ourselves that may end up doing more damage than good. She claims, if we do in fact face these foibles head on, then we may be more prone to actually doing what needs to be done (whether its losing that last bit of weight or opting out of a pricey "investment piece" purchase.) Armstrong is able to throw up her hands in the literary sense and say, "Stop wasting money on getting things altered and try buying things that fit!" In a way that really makes us want to to listen. As the seventh and final lie, 'I'm so over trends' is laid out in a context we can all get on board with, i.e. The Devil Wears Prada, the warm sense of enlightenment dawns on you that Armstrong is that best friend you always wish you had. Now where is that receipt from my last impulse purchase?

Article Source: London Times
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-Alia Rajput

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