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January 13, 2010 • Male Box


Joseph Ungoco for Second City Style Magazine

When I attended a family brunch on Christmas day, I was struck by
how many of my cousins allow their little girls to wear their evening
party dresses from the night before again in the daytime. You know the
dress – the awful shapeless black velvet bodice with the hideous
polyester satin skirt and the enormous bow at the empire waist – the
one that for some unfathomable reason makes little girls feel like a
princess. I started to think that little girls who insist on wearing their favorite dresses inappropriately might be in danger
of growing up to be the type of women who stick to one look their
entire life or, worse, insist on wearing one category of clothing – say
daytime or evening – regardless of the time of day. By the time I left
the party, I was convinced that this could be the deep-seated
childhood root of the fashion atrocities committed by otherwise mature
and reasonable women.

I myself do not buy into the whole New Year’s resolution thing,
preferring to make my planned life changes after my birthday in March. But
if I could make a resolution for everyone else out there, it would be
to strive to be stylish and fashion conscious 24/7/365 – 366 in Leap
I know that we all lead busy lives – work, work events,
maybe happy hour, dinner with friends and that doesn’t even account for
pets or children. Regardless, we can all aspire to looking great – and feeling great – by being dressed appropriately every day and night.

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