SJP Rumored to Play Creative Role at Halston

January 13, 2010 • Celebrity Style


Sarah Jessica Parker on set filming the Sex and the City sequel in a Halston Heritage dress

When production for the upcoming Sex and the City sequel took off back in the fall, fashion media was all abuzz with reports that SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker would be the next new face for iconic 70s line Halston. In the some of the first released still shots of the movie, Parker was photographed in the Spring 2010 Halston Heritage collection—an upcoming line planned in conjunction with the recent revamping of te brand—indicating that SJP definitely ad fostered some sort of bond with the label. Now, the media is even more abuzz with brand new rumors that Parker may be playing more that just a spokes-model role. No official word has been released, but the latest version of Parker's participation is that the actress will serve as a sort of "creative director" to the company, providing insight and feedback on the designs. Sound familiar? It does echo the same sort of Lindsay Lohan for Ungaro tone, yet we're hoping if it is true than Parker proves ot be far more successful. Then again, look who she's up against. No problem.

E! news claims that there are "ongoing talks" regarding the actress role in the company. Parker is already somewhat of an industry mogul. Besides being a universal style icon, she has also collaborated with the Gap, launched her own (anticlimactic) line Bitten, and has several different successful fragrances under her belt. If there were an actress that could move into the designing realm and actually help instead of hinder, Parker just may be the one to do it.

Article Source: E! News UK
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-Alia Rajput

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  1. plajingko says:

    seem like everything she does always succeed… good for her …. i accepted that a bit jealous…:)

  2. kelly says:

    A beautiful collection from a great designer, I must admit I’m a great fan of halston heritage, very cool.

  3. jenny says:

    i love halston heritage and this is a really cool dress, i have sen the latest collection at

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