Splurge vs. Steal. The Cozy Wrap

January 15, 2010 • Shopping


So right before Christmas I said I wanted the DKNY Cozy and lo' and behold Santa gave it to me in ivory! I have not really had it off my back since! I don't know which is better, the actual wrap or experimenting with different ways of wearing it! At $165-195 it really is a good value especially when you consider you can literally wear it an infinite amount of ways. Anyway, after the holidays I was browsing through the Victoria's Secret sale catalog and guess what I saw? Virtually the same wrap (The Soft & Sexy Wrap) on sale for $39! Hmmm. To be honest, the color selection was better. Guess what? Now I own that one in Chocolate Cherry Heather too. Victoria's Secret claims you can wear it 6 different ways, but after becomming a pro after watching the DNKY video, I know you can wear it many more!

DKNY Cozy $165-195 

Victoria's Secret The Soft & Sexy Wrap $39

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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