Celebrity Style. Six Trendsetters From The Movie ‘Nine’.

January 18, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Nine may have been out since December and we may have seen
enough of Penelope Cruz’s vixen and Marion Cotillard’s French sophisticate, but
we certainly can’t get enough of their style. Here’s how Nine movie stars
became Nine trendsetters.


While Fergie’s role wasn’t quite so prim and proper,
thankfully neither is her style.  Even
her dresses and colors are edgy and chic including cutouts in her shifts,
spikes on her shoulders, and sequins on her shirts.  And while I was blown away by her multi-colored animal prints,
there was one moment last year that stood out for me. It was when she wore
thick straight sunglasses, a t-shirt emblazoned with Catherine Denevue, a brass
button military jacket, and shorts with tights.  Talk about topping the trends list!

Marion Cotillard


We’ve been craving Marion Cotillard’s refinery and finesse
ever since she first stepped out to see a Christian Dior show.  Whether it’s in a silk blue tube dress or
tight fitting pencil skirt (a la Dita von Teese), Marion knows how to walk the
line between elegant and trendy.  Check
out this one sleeve ruffled black dress, and the peep toe booties are to die

Penelope Cruz

I always loved how Penelope Cruz added a European flavor to
an American outfit.  There was that one
time she wore casual blue jeans with thigh-high boots and a blazer in the
streets of NY.  And of course, we can’t
get enough of her fiery red firecracker ensembles.  But it was the Calvin Klein silk white jacket over the matching dress that really got my heart pumping
at The Cinema Society and Calvin Klein gathering.

Nicole Kidman

Nicole Kidman wowed me since I saw her first Oscar dress
back in her days of marriage to Tom Cruise. 
She always outdid him and everyone else in the room in her silk shifts
of bold colors, her ruffles, her feathers, and everything else she could muster
up to the biggest event of the year. 
Since divorcing and marrying Keith Urban, her style has quieted down
some—more muted colors, more black, but she still takes the time to set the
trends.  Take this, a perfectly elegant
black strapless with a bouffant bottom but the ruffles on one side of the frock
add a frothy delicacy that could only be summed up by the royalty that she
truly is.

Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson is a sweetheart and she always has a smile
plastered on her face.  Her innocent
look is unmatched, at least that’s the feeling I get from her bohemian chic
princess style.  Still, I prefer the
days when she’s not wearing jeans and a baseball cap or a peasant top.  The days when her style can truly
shine.  Her ability to move back and
forth between two very different motifs is what makes her a trendsetter and one
to watch. Behold! A black and white floral dress, with a sheen and a
train no less!

Sophia Loren

Sophia Loren is was a lady, is a lady, and will always
be a lady.  She has that Italian
refinery down to a science no matter how old she gets.  She’s never one to go over the top but she
does throw color into her wardrobe.  I
think she’s the only one that could honestly pull off fur (a trend that I
hate!) without looking like she’s trying too hard.  In bright yellow, very shaggy, and it still works!

– Simona Kogan

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