Beauty Maven Lauren Luke Hits the Road!

January 20, 2010 • Beauty

lauren_luke_yen_le_second_city_styleLauren Luke

While enjoying a pleasant stroll through one of my favorite haunts (Sephora), I noticed a face I didn’t recognize. A slim ebony case, featuring white floral outlines, that were highlighted by energetic bursts of color. At the left hand corner of this particular case, was the name Lauren Luke. A name that I quickly inhaled and exhaled and thought nothing of until today.

Lauren Luke, a YouTube sensation, that wooed the makeup nation with her bubbly persona and easy to follow beauty tutorials, scored a debut with Sephora, just two years after her first video upload.

With no professional beauty training, Lauren only did the videos to aid her makeup sales on eBay. Thirty nine million views later, she attained many accomplishments that few have achieved in such a short amount of time; a makeup line, a book deal, a beauty-advising avatar in a Nintendo DS game and most recently, a road trip across America.


The “Inspiration Nation Tour” is what this epic road trip is called, and the destinations include, Miami, New Orleans, Austin, Scottsdale, Las Vegas and Los Angeles (sadly not in Chicago). While at these locations, Lauren will be paying homage to friends/fans who have helped her along the way, hosting parties at the local Sephora stores and collecting ideas for her makeup line.

So if your one of the lucky few to see Lauren’s pink bus come your way, RSVP with Sephora to attend the party or send Lauren an email and she might meet for lunch! If you're one of the unfortunate ones that don’t get to meet the makeup guru, subscribe to her channel like I did and get a nice fix with her Lady Gaga tutorial.

-Yen Le

Source & Photo: stylelist, laurenluke

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