Place Your Bets: The Odds on Who’s the Next to Go on Project Runway

January 21, 2010 • Lifestyle


Who will be the next to go?

So you think you know who's going to be kicked off the runway this week on Project Runway? After a fiesty first episode (though it's never very climactic the first week), 15 designers remain, ready to duke it through a serious of creative challenges that put their design skills to the test. Every week promises crises, breakdowns, and even a cat fight or two. But you can never quite tell who'll get the axe until the moment Heidi takes a breath to bid, Auf Wiedersehen.

Now, with the ever evolving technology at our disposal these days, people like Mickey Richardson are trying to beat the odds. Richardson is the CEO of, an online linemaker that allows you to make wagers on sports events and horse races, and has been craftily calculating away since the Project premier last week. Richardson's team of odd makers have previously come up with lines for shows like American Idol, Top Chef, Lost, and Dancing with the Stars. And now, Richardson and his team have compiled the latest odds for which designer is going to be sent home on Project Runway. It's just too fun! And too cruel-the odds clearly don't play favorites as it all it does is show the mathematical reasoning of how someone ends up at the bottom of the pile. As it stands now, It appears that designer Amy will be packing her bags after these two scant weeks. If not her, then poor Jesse is also a close second as a contender to be kicked. So will the statistics speak the truth? I guess time will only tell. Luckily, we only have to wait until tonight to find out. Don't forget to tune in! And look out for the SCS recap and memorable quotes post tomorrow! 

Who Will Be Voted Off Project Runway This Week?

AMY SARABI                           15% (+525)
JESSE LENOIR           
             15% (+575)
         14% (+590)
        14% (+625)                           
MAYA LUZ                  
            14% (+625)
EMILIO SOSA            
               13% (+650)
           13% (+675)                           
             13% (+650)                         
PING WU               
                  13% (+650)
BEN CHMURA            
              13% (+700)                           
      13% (+700)                           
PAMELA PTAK             
             12% (+725)         
ANNA LYNETT              
            12% (+750)                           
MILA HERMANOVSKI                  11% (+800)         
SETH AARON HENDERSON         11% (+850)                          

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