Vintage Vantage. Totally Turquoise: The Vintage Favorite is Back In Style

January 22, 2010 • Fashion


Becky Ellis

For decades, turquoise has been riding the trend wave. One year it's
all the rage for bold statement jewelry and eclectic accessories, the
next it's seen as tacky and granola. If you loaded up on the stuff
while it was in the trend valley, you'll be in good shape in 2010:
Pantone named turquoise the color of the year.

This trend isn't just vintage – turquoise has been a hot accessory since 5500 B.C. when it was worn by Egypt's Queen Zer.
It has been found in ancient cultures from the Middle East, the
Americas, Asia and Europe. Some scholars think that the robe worn by
the high priest Aaron in the Bible was decorated in turquoise, and
philosophers like Aristotle make mention of stones that must have been
it as well. More recently, it came into fashion in the U.S. in the
1920s, when the Native American squash-blossom necklaces became popular
souvenirs for those touring the southwest
. This lasted until around
1940 when many craftsman stopped making them because of the amount of
labor and turquoise they require. The 60s and 70s saw a resurgence of turquoise jewelry, and they became a favorite of the hippie-chic set. It went out of fashion again the in the prep-tastic Regan years.

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