WTF Was She Thinking? The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

January 22, 2010 • Celebrity Style

So we're all still gushing over the hits and recovering from the misses of last week's Golden Globe awards. And boy, there were some serious misses! That's not to say that some starlets didn't rock out some drool-worthy designs: Kate, you nailed it. Amy, you're adorable. Emily, you were one of the few that pulled it off. They, along with a handful of others, shined like they were lit from within and oozed grace from every angle. But sadly, none of those actresses are on this list since that's not what we're here to do. So without further ado, here are some disasters you may have missed, (with a little help from our friends across the pond for good measure.)

Leona Lewis at the Fox Golden Globes party in Century City, Ca.

Comment: Sandra Bullock wasn't the only one to make purple look bad that night. It looks like Leona was trying to channel a mermaid and ended up a whale. There should never be a reason for that much lavender satin, especially when your only options in wearing it are drowning in too much fabric or having it cling to you in an ill-fitted, unflattering manner. And for all those stars who had people following them around with an umbrella, Leona should have asked for someone to follow her around with an iron because, damn.

She's Thinking: I know I'm in here somewhere!

Naya Rivera at the Fox Golden Globes party in Century City, Ca.

Comment: I don't even know who this girl is but I'm pretty sure she hadn't been born yet the last time a dress like this was in fashion. I feel like her asymmetrical hairdo needs to be a bit higher, teased more and fastened with a neon scrunchie and then she'd be appropriate for a costume party. For any other type of occasion, there must be some mistake.

She's Thinking: I got inspired by a 'Saved by the Bell' rerun!

Annalynne McCord at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills

Comment: Don't worry—you're not missing anything by not seeing the skirt, it's just a floor-length pleated thing trying to evoke the innocent, Grecian goddess look she's obviously going for with the pearly white hue and the cute little braid in her hair. One minor thing though, Annalynne: the top of your dress is obscene. Thank goodness for my post earlier this week, denouncing fashions that resemble hands. If I hadn't done one already, this look alone would drive anyone to speak out against it. And why do I all of a sudden have the urge to slap someone?

She's Thinking: No, I'm not asking for anything.

Diane Paris at the National Television Awards in London

Comment: Just when we're about to throw in the towel on all of American red carpet fashion, we catch a glimpse of how other countries are doing and all of a sudden, we don't have it so bad. Tribal meets throw rug meets disco? All of a sudden I don't mind Annalynne's manhandling.

She's Thinking: It's all my favorite countries and all my favorite decades thrown together in one look.

Joanna Lumley at he National Television Awards in London

Comment: Yes, this is a red carpet look. Yes, she's probably had this dress since the last time the dress, and the earrings and the hair for that matter, were in style. And yes, she was the one who lent Naya Rivera (above) her dress. Just kidding. But she could have! Looking at this one can only think, perhaps the Brits don't have the word "stylist" in their vocabulary. And then you remember, oh yeah, it's the same language. Well then, they just have no excuse.

She's Thinking: I hear this is what the cool kids are all wearing these days!

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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