How to Avoid Losing Money When Losing One’s Gloves

January 24, 2010 • Magazine

How to Avoid Losing Money When Losing One's Gloves

How to Avoid Losing Money When Losing One's Gloves

Sun, 2000-01-23 07:00

Rachel Yeomans

A tragic situation occurred a few weeks ago: I lost my gloves. And one would think that I would just run into the nearest department store and buy a new pair – easier said than done, my friends! While I’m fashionably suffering donning my grey knit $1 bin gloves, I’m scanning for stylish finger warmers that shockingly run $50 and up! Considering I just lost my previous pair of gloves, why would I want to invest in such an easy-to-lose item?!

I determined that the amount of money I could bear to part with along with any future gloves I may own would averages around $40. And call me picky, but I want my gloves to be pretty. Pretty, and affordable.

Luckily as the spring lines are coming into the stores, there are actually some sales on winter accessories, gloves included. A pair of long suede gloves I found at Nordstrom, originally almost $80, I found on sale for half the price! And I’ve always liked the ribbed gloves with the removable top for when I’m digging for my keys or dialing a number on my cell phone – and I came across a pair marked down from $25 to $12! Even a statement pair of blue leather gloves I found were marked down from $48 to $24.

Yes, the cashmere-lined leather gloves are still out of my price range. However, maybe one day when I become more responsible with holding onto my gloves, I can make the investment with confidence. Until then, I now have a few inexpensive winter accessories that I can rotate until I lose one…or all.

1. Nordstrom Ruched Sued Gloves Was $78 Now $38.90
2. Jessica Simpson Knit Mittens Was $32 Now $16
3. Preston & York Ruched-Cuff Leather Gloves Was $48 Now $24
4. Preston & York Rosette-Detail Gloves Was $32 Now $16
5. Nordstrom Ribbed Pop Top Mittens Was $24 Now $11.90

Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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