Trends That Must Die. Spring 2010

January 25, 2010 • Fashion

I’m about to present to you some disturbing images and I want you to shield any eyes that are easily influenced. I will not be responsible for any future spawning of these trends and I hope to nip anyone’s intentions of reviving these fashion faux pas for Spring 2010.

With that being said, I would like to present to you the first trend that I absolutely detest and that is socks and sandals. The only reason these two things should go together is if: you missed your pedicure appointment or you have more than five toes on one foot. To be quite honest with you, I would prefer to see the extra appendage than to see this ghastly pairing.

chloe-sevigny-socks-sandals-10_yen_le_second_city_styleChloe Sevigny is a major offender/supporter of the sock and sandal combo.

kate_moss_socks_sandal_yen_le_second_city_styleEven Kate Moss, a style icon, has a hard time making this ensemble work.

Secondly, the double dipping of denim; a head-to-toe eyesore that needed to stay and die in 80’s. I know you think I’m harsh and I should be a little more open-minded since fashion is about self-expression but what are you trying to express here? Your undying love for Levis Strauss?


H & M’s rendition of denim on denim action.


If it didn’t work last year it’s not going to work this year! I’m glad someone else agrees.

And finally, the camouflage look. This print sole purpose is to make it harder for an enemy to take you down in a wilderness setting. So may I ask why would you want to make it easier for fashion snipers to spot you in our urban jungle?


 Looks like this guy doesn’t appreciate her ensemble either.


Blumarine’s Capri with a splatter of neon madness.

Well that pretty much sums up my pet peeves for Spring 2010. I hope I made a strong case against these trends and maybe save a few lost souls from falling into these fashion pitfalls.

-Yen Le

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