Accessory Trend Alert! Black and Gold Belts

January 27, 2010 • Accessories


When I was younger I constantly raided my Mom's closet. She had some amazing clothes (still does). One of my favorite accessories was this killer wide black alligator belt with a big gold buckle that I would snatch whenever she left the house. That was the 80's and back then it cost $400 which my mother couldn't believe she had spent. Imagine what it is worth today? Well guess what? I'm obsessed with it again! Thankfully she never got rid of it (she gets rid of everything) because it is now my favorite belt that is until she realizes it's in style again and asks for it back (shhh, don't tell her). Black and gold belts went out of fashion for a while, but like all things 80's, they are back in. Whether you prefer a giant gold buckle or edgy gold studs, you can't go wrong…at least this season. Here are some current picks!

Shopping Guide:

1. Fiona Paxton Poppie Belt, $400

2. Tory Burch Borgeious Belt, $135

3. Forever21 Pyramid Studded Belt, $5.80

4. HTC Iconics New Slim Leather Belt, $215

5. Melamed Studded Leather Hip Belt, $165

6. Forever21 Rina Studded Belt, $10.80

7. BE & D Garbo Studded Belt, $495

8. B-Low The Belt Max Double Wrap Pyramid Belt, $185

9.  Forever21 Pressed Studded Belt, $7.80

10. Lauren by Ralph Lauren Skinny Patent Belt, $42

11. B-Low The Belt Katy Belt, $218

– Lauren Dimet Waters

Image Layout: Alicia Lee

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2 Responses to Accessory Trend Alert! Black and Gold Belts

  1. Love the belt from Forever 21. Any under $11? Wow!

  2. TIffany says:

    I believe black and gold belts are a accessories trend that will be around for along time. What is in style right now are alot of military inspired and grunge inspired clothing and a black and gold belt work well with both trends and give a look a added punch.

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