Place Your Bets: The Odds on Who’s the Next to Go on Project Runway

January 28, 2010 • Lifestyle

Who will be the last one on the runway this week?

So last week, we introduced a sophisticated style of stats – courtesy of wagering mogul Mickey Richardson and his team from – that would supposedly predict who would be the next one to get the ax on Project Runway. Unfortunately, the odds didn't add up last week and the designer who was slated as most probable to go home, Amy, was actually in the top three. Earth mother Pamela, who was all the way down the odds list last week, was actually the one to go home due to her unflattering, dyed denim, cowgirl sack dress. And what a dress that was. But don't abandon the mechanics of line-making yet – this week's odds are all racked up and actually look pretty accurate, if you note the questionable pieces that designer Ping has brought to the runway.

As much as we'd like to root for the Chicago-based, Chinese-born Ping, her vision just seems a bit too out there for our taste. And Richardson's odds seem to agree since they have Ping backed as getting the boot this week. An already overtly emotional contestant, Ping will no doubt shed some tears if does in fact have to go home. Then again, maybe she can only get better after her burlap sack disaster from last week. If that's in fact the case, then fellow designer Ben is a very close second. So close in fact, that they are literally neck and neck in the odds. Who do YOU think will end up with the air kisses from Heidi? Ping? Ben? Someone else completely? Tune in tonight to see! And don't forget to check out our Project Runway recap and memorable quotes tomorrow.

Who will be Voted Off Project Runway this week?
PING WU                                  22% (+450)
BEN CHMURA                            22% (+450)      
MAYA LUZ                             
    23%  (+500)    
    23%  (+500)               
    15%  (+550)    
              14%  (+575)    
EMILIO SOSA                          
  14%  (+575)                  
AMY SARABI                           
  13%  (+650)
JONATHAN PETERS                   13%  (+650)
MILA HERMANOVSKI                  12 % (+675)                
JAY NICOLAS SARIO                   12%  (+675)                  
JESUS ESTRADA                        12%  (+675)    
ANNA LYNETT                           13%  (+700)                  
JESSE LENOIR                           12%  (+750)     


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—Alia Rajput


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  1. Carol says:

    I think Ping hangs in there one more week…I would like Ben to go, but I’ll predict that Jesus screws up once again!

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