Project Runway Season 7 Episode 3: Create a High-end, Signature Look Inspired by Vintage Couture. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

January 29, 2010 • Lifestyle


Two minds are better than one; four hands are better than two. These idioms make complete sense, logically, but logic doesn’t always work for artists and designers. So when Tim drops the bomb that in week three of Project Runway, the designers are going to have to pair up, they are, to say the least, not pleased. But to lessen the blow, the designers are told while standing within the gorgeous new American Wing of the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is filled with vintage couture from iconic designers including Christian Dior, Cristobal Balenciaga and Chanel. The designers are awe inspired and Janeane Marie is nearly brought to tears, but, even more exciting than couture (if that’s even possible), the teams will have $500 and 48 hours to create a high-end, signature look and they will finally get to take a trip to Mood.


With most team challenges on Project Runway there are a few pairs who are always at odds with one another. There is a power struggle, a constant drone of bickering and an over-all lack of communication which results in a horribly designed garment. This week’s pair that fit that description was Ping and Jesse. Yes, poor Jesse had to work with scatter-brained Ping, who happened to lose her sketchbook while shopping at Mood, almost lost their $500 and through the entire episode seemed to be struggling to put or keep her shoes on her feet. While Ping “thought” about the over-all look, Jesse was put in charge of putting the design together, he even claimed to have to give Ping sewing lessons, eek! But putting one garment together would just be too easy, so the designers are, surprise, given a second challenge. For the second challenge the teams are to find inspiration from another team’s signature piece, but they’ll only get to spend $50 on the garment. So it’s once again a time crunch, which Mila doesn’t seem to feel, since she is so engrossed in creating her jacket, which is the focal piece to her and Jonathan’s garment.

Down the runway the garments go, the signature pieces come out first, followed by the more affordable looks. (Matthew Williamson was the guest judge!) This week’s top designs included Maya and Jay, whose affordable look was much more intricate and expensive looking than the signature look it was inspired from and Mila and Jonathan, with their sportswear separates. Mila and her jacket thoroughly wowed the judges and it was Mila who won this week’s challenge. While I cannot doubt the skill and effort it took to create the jacket, I also cannot help but be reminded of Eileen’s on again/off again boyfriend David Puddy and his eight ball jacket, from the TV show, Seinfeld. Needless to say, I did not love the look. On to the bottom two designs, which were not hard to spot, Anthony’s and Seth Aaron’s designs were far too costumey and had Heidi describe them simply as being ugly and Ping’s and Jesse’s garments weren’t complete and did not fit their models. Since Ping should have been let go last week, it’s not surprising that Heidi told Anthony that he was in, which means that Ping is now out. So long, Ping!

Mila's Design with partner Jonathan – The Winner

Maya's Design with partner Jay

Anthony's Design with partner Seth Aaron

Ping's Design with partner Jesse

Memorable Quotes:

"He could do like the Ping." "Don't bring her name up…it's too early." the guys' conversation waking up in their room.

“I feel like reigning in the crazy.” Jesse

“Our colors right now are red, yellow and black; At this point I think we are designing a dress for the president of MacDonald’s… but everybody needs a dress.” Anthony

"I'll go buy some napkins and paper towels and hot glue…I mean what do you get for 50 bucks?" Seth Aaron, responding to the budget for the second look.

“Don’t screw this up, Jonathan; Mila’s going to punch you in the throat.” Jesse

“I don’t know how to describe it; but it’s a kinda shiny, hooker something…” Jesse on Ping’s choice of fabric.

"Oow! That's the fabric? It looks like a cheap & cheerful wrapping paper!" Tim Gunn on Ping’s choice of fabric.

“Ping and Jesse are like Lucy and Ricky, just shut up and work.” Emilio

"You look so nice. So nice together…like you are going to a funeral." Ping to the designers in black dresses.

"…The end of our hopes and dreams." Anna Lynette replies to Ping

“She’s gotta stand like the Statue of Liberty to wear this dress.” Michael Kors on Ping and Jesse’s signature design.

"I don't think anyone's designed anything…" Michael Kors

“It’s like I’m at a cotillion party in the south from hell.” Michael Kors on Anthony’s and Seth Aaron’s signature design.

"It needs to go back into the museum." Matthew Williamson on Anthony's and Seth Aaron’s signature design

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— Bonnie J Brown


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