WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

January 29, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Sandra Bullock at the SAG Awards in L.A.

Comment: It looks like Sandra Bullock is going two for two in this year's award season fashion. Not that this simple black gown is nearly as bad as the filmy purple beauty pageant number she wore to the Golden Globes. It just appears that now she's move onto the Ice Capades. Accents that look like they belong on a figure skating costume do not make a standout red carpet look. 

She's Thinking: Just wait for my triple sow cow!

Anna Paquin at the SAG Awards in L.A.

Comment: Anna Paquin doesn't seem to care what she's got going on her awards season dress, as long as the girls are still out on full display. Could it really be that futuristic movies like District 9 and Avatar are so influential, they're starting to seep into our fashion? I'd rather take flying cars. This look has got to go.   

She's Thinking: Like my scales?

Kelis at the First Annual Data Awards in Hollywood

Comment: Alas, Paquin isn't the only one who's taking the reptilian look to awards shows. Call me old fashioned but, what happened to a nice moc croc bag? A snakeskin printed jacket? Those are some of the right ways to channel our scaly friends. This? Well, there's just no words for this. And taking those Alexander McQueen space pod shoes out on the street? Too soon, Kelis. Too soon.

She's Thinking: I'm just trying not to fall on my face.

Kate Linder at the ALAC Opening Night in West Hollywood

Comment: More reptiles! well, kind of. Thank God Kate Linder kept her frog look toned down (no technicolor snakeskin patterns at least), however the only purpose her little friend does seem to serve is to draw the attention right to her obscenely short skirt and (shudder) sparkly striped tights: three words should never follow each other in sequential order.

She's Thinking: These legs are paying for themselves!

Kristen Bell at the World Premiere of "When in Rome" in Hollywood

Comment: Ms. Bell is blessedly not channeling any sort of animal magnetism in her ensemble but she's also not working the carpet in her usual fashion. The skirt of her cutout gown is too long, the color is too drab, and she's really channeling some serious MTV Spring Break bunnies circa 1990 with her knot-tied midriff top. That look may sadly never recover from that infamous reputation.

She's Thinking: When's the wet t-shirt contest!

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-Alia Rajput


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