Fiery Hot Reds For All Skin Tones

January 31, 2010 • Magazine

Fiery Hot Reds For All Skin Tones

Fiery Hot Reds For All Skin Tones

Mon, 2000-01-31 03:00

Kelley D. Epps-Woods

There’s nothing more regal and timeless than a woman in red lipstick. Red lipstick has been one of the most classic looks that has lasted through the decades. From 1930’s french designer Coco Chanel, to 50’s bombshell Marilyn Monroe, to today’s modern rebel Gwen Stefani, red has been a staple for many fashion icons. It connects women from all walks of life, from the girl next door, to the high powered attorney on Capitol Hill. Red lips make any face look instantly elegant!
There’s a red lipstick for everyone, and some of the best are those with blue undertones. The blue undertones help brighten the face, as well as make your teeth look whiter. When finding the right red lipstick, it is best to match it with your skin tone. True reds work best on pale faces, while olive/brown skin is best with brown-reds, and deeper mahogany shades.
To achieve your desired red lip, here are some of the best red lipsticks on the market:
For one of the most universal reds, MAC Russian Red Lipstick is a gorgeous matte red shade. It’s perfect from the palest to the darkest skin. For darker skin feel free to pair with a liner a shade or two darker and blend to tone down the red.
For pale skins YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in Red Muse is a powerful red. The rich, creamy and satiny color leaves lasts for hours. 
Giorgio Armani Armani Silk Lipstick in #20 is a high intensity red. This luxury lipstick is gorgeous and the shade is beautiful on just about anyone.
Lipstick Queen Rouge Sinner is just what it says. It’s a sin 😉 for a red to be this gorgeous. Red Sinner is not for the faint of heart. It’s poppy red in color, highly pigmented, and looks great on just about anyone. Wear this color day or night and be prepared to make heads turn.
Revlon Lustrous Cream Lipstick in Certainly Red is a beautiful red, that has an exclusive formula that combines pure color, and lots of vitamins and moisturizers. I call this the treatment lipstick. Perfect for everyday wear.
One of the best selling red lipsticks, Make Up For Ever #205 Lipstick, is the perfect blue-red lipsticks. With a slight glossy sheen, it is richly pigmented and also very hydrating.

1. MAC Russian Red Lipstick $14
2. YSL Rouge Volupte Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick SPF 15 in Red Muse $34
3. Giorgio Armani ArmaniSilk Lipstick in #20 $25
4. Lipstick Queen Rouge in Sinner $18
5. Revlon Lustrous Cream Lipstick in Certainly Red $7.99
6. Make Up For Ever #205 Lipstick $19

Celebrities, pictured top to bottom: Gwen Stafani, Beyonce, Thandie Newton and Dita Von Tess

Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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