Free Stuff! Enter to Win a Customized Twitter Nameplate Necklace From TwittaBling!

February 3, 2010 • Lifestyle

What? You don't have a Twitter account? You do, but aren't following us? Where have you been? All the cool kids are doing it! Seriously though, you should be following us because believe it or not, we have a lot more to say. And now there is great reason to follow us…bribery! Here is your chance to win a cool silver TwittaBling nameplate necklace like mine pictured above. I have been wearing it non-stop and not only am I advertising our Twitter account, I get tons of compliments on it too!

What is TwittaBling? According to their site it's a Twitter inspired accessory often worn by the uber geek-chic to identify themselves within a real-time social networking environment. And who doesn't want to be geek-chic?

Here is what you need to do to win your very own personalized Twitter sterling silver nameplate necklace:

Tweet the following: "@SecondCityStyle I want to be uber geek-chic and win my own @TwittaBling necklace!"

Official Rules:

1: The contest runs a week. Tweets must be submitted between 12:00 pm EST 2/3 and 12:00 pm EST on 2/10.

2:  You MUST be following both @SecondCityStyle and @TwittaBling to be eligible to win (we will check).

3:  You must respond to the winning notification Direct Message on Twitter within 24 hours. If you do not, another winner will be selected.

If you can't wait to see if you have won or want to get your own TwittaBling for 15% off now, just use the code SCS15 at checkout at

Happy tweeting!

Your friends at Second City Style and TwittaBling

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10 Responses to Free Stuff! Enter to Win a Customized Twitter Nameplate Necklace From TwittaBling!

  1. Cindi says:

    Hi! I am following Second Style City and Twitta
    Bling on Twitter. Also, I tweeted your giveaway:
    Many thanks, Cindi

  2. Phyllis says:

    I’m following both Second City Style and Twitta Bling on Twitter and here’s my tweet for the giveaway –

  3. Katherine Coco says:

    I saw my friend’s necklace and fell in love! Ordered one from Twittabling and was sooo bummed! It looked AWFUL and SO cheesy! found out later my friend got hers from, so I orderd another one from them, and it was PERFECT! much better quality… just a word to the wise…

  4. Chloe Offenhoffer says:

    To the girl who got her’s from Survival of the hippest…Was it really that different? I heard that theirs were nicer, but didn’t realize there’d be that much of a difference.

  5. Katherine Coco says:

    Hey Chloe–there was a HUGE difference…I don’t know much about jewlery, but the one from Twittabling had super-sharp edges and just looked cheap. My friend’s (the one from Survival of the Hippest) looks way better. Oh well, live and learn I guess 🙁

  6. Lauren - Second City Style says:

    Hmm, I am suspect that Survival of the Hippest planted these comments on our blog and if so, that’s really a shame and very low. I too have seen both. When I come across someone wearing a SOTH Twitter nameplate it is so microscopic I have to be literally inches away to read it! Not only that SOTH charges for a longer chain length. My Twittabling necklace is large enough that people can read it from afar and the length is perfect. The edges are smooth and the quality is excellent. That is why I am suspect of these comments. Having seen both I know for a fact that the Twittabling product is far better, and the cost is on the money. Why you would trash one over the other is just really low.

  7. Katherine Coco says:

    Hi Lauren
    I’m the girl who posted about the difference between the two necklaces, and I’m not a plant. I really don’t like their stuff, sorry if you don’t agree, but also don’t accuse or hate!

  8. wearing a necklace for many woman mean to be more feminine and romantic depending the ocation and if you wearing in the same time a ribbon so you could look better.

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