Bad Judgement Du Jour. Covering Kellan Lutz’s Abs

February 4, 2010 • Fashion

Kellan Lutz (left) and Mehcad Brooks in Calvin Klein's "X" underwear

So the first Calvin Klein underwear ads just dropped, featuring Twilight star and standout hottie Kellan Lutz in his skivvies. Lutz and his dreamy gaze are just part of a quintessential quartet, each sporting a style of Calvin Klein underwear, that could make any grown woman start giggling like a little girl. But what's this? The label felt the need to make an even bolder statement than showcasing half-naked Lutz alongside fellow models True Blood's Mehcad Brooks, Japanense soccer star Hidetoshi Nakata, and Spanish tennis star Fernando Verdasco. A statement so bold, in fact, its downright obscuring! The underwear featured in the ads is a new Calvin Klein collection called "X". Um, could you tell? The bright red letter is emblazoned so conspicuously across each of the model's mid-sections that you almost can't even see it's fully glorious potential! Women across the world should demand a re-do! Where was the "X" for Eva Mendes, when she rolled seductively across the sand in her Calvin Klein underwear ad? How come we can't have the same level of indecency in our ads?!! My only comfort at this point, is arriving in New York and seeing Kellan and his crew blown up to gigantic proportion across the billboards of Times Square.

Hidetoshi Nakata and Fernando Verdasco in Calvin Klein's "X" underwear

Photo Source: NY Mag
-Alia Rajput

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