Louis Vuitton Unveils Latest Style: Trash Bags?

February 5, 2010 • Fashion

Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace purses 
I understand were in a recession and designers are trying to cope with the devastation, but as I looked at the Louis Vuitton Raindrop Besace handbags, I thought Ashton Kutcher was going to pop out from behind me and scream, “You’ve been punked!” Ashton never showed.

Are we supposed to put garbage in there, Marc? Obviously not, but if I were to leave it lying on a table, any reasonable person would throw it away. There goes $1,960 of my life earnings. Yes, that’s right, $1,960! Apparently, were only supposed to look as if we are in a recession, not spend our money in that mindset.

I know fashion has it’s ingenious way of experimenting and finding creative approaches to make the dull shine; however, this may be the one incident that has scarred me forever. Louis Vuitton has always locked a place in my heart as a classic. That was true up until now.

Story/Photo Source: NY Mag

-Heather Youkhana

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