New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Cynthia Rowley’s Girl On The Move

February 5, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Fall '10

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Summary: A whole lotta movement and a whole lotta fringe was shakin' it down the runway at Cynthia Rowley. But this wasn't your 60's go-go girl in a cage kind of fringe, but fringe for a strong modern city girl. You can imagine her strutting down the street in patent puffer booties, tight leggings, and full jacket with fur feathers. She's tough but on the more practical side, she wears a neatly tied puffed silk scarf around her neck to keep her warm. Overall this collection was very "Cynthia Rowley" in her experimental use of materials, textures, shapes and in this case there was alot of movement, volume and shine. Her and intense use of vivid color and impressionistic prints were contrasted by the occasional shots of superhero reds, cobalt blue and yellow, which added an extra element of fun.

Color Palette: black, grey, cordovan, red, cobalt, yellow, blue

Fabrics & Textures: fringe, feather, puffer, lace, silk, organza, velvet, razor cut, knits, fur feathers, suede, silk twine, elastic gathers,

Key Looks: Furocious dress of silk twine on organza with puffer gloves; Dress blues jacket and slim leggings; Motorcross elbow gloves and furocious skirt; Silk and Feather tufted jacket; Cordovan silk cotton dress with neck puffer; Birds of a feather dress

– Carol Calacci

Photos: NY Mag

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