WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

February 5, 2010 • Celebrity Style

So the Grammys have come and gone and left us in the rubble of some off the wall fashions for another year. What else can you expect when musicians flock from all over the world to be in the same room when only a handful of names are called?

The Shakira wannabes were out in full force with their skin-tight, cut-out gowns, the Rihanna wannabes were out with their amber-colored bouffant does, and oh how the Lady Gaga wannabes were out! From frosted wigs to structured unitards, her fan base came out in droves to jump on the Bizarro World of fashion that Gaga has inspired. The Royal Gaga herself may be saved from this list but there were just too many looks beyond the red carpet that put even her to shame in WTF-ness. Here's a select few to enjoy:

Rihanna at a pre-Grammy bash in L.A.

Comment: Thanks to Gaga and her growing armies, the whole fashion world has gone topsy-turvy and looks like these make one start to question the motivations behind appearing in public. So Rihanna decided to envelope herself in voluminous, poufy swaths of fabric that make her look like a cotton-candy machine. Ok…could this be some interpretive artistic statement, perhaps? A good fashion hunger strike?

She's Thinking: I'm not dressing well again until people start to Save the Whales!  

Ciara at a pre-Grammy bash in L.A.

Comment: Taking a cue from Rihanna's love for the surreal, Ciara goes the distance with her homage to Muppet-esque fashion. Paring the explosively furry top with some kind of vest (?) and black shorts only adds to the mystery of the ensemble and inspires questions like, is she wearing anything underneath? Is that material soft or itchy? And, what happened to her neck?

She's Thinking: Its from Jim Henson's new collection

Colbie Caillat at the Grammy Awards in L.A.

Comment: After hearing the breathy, soulful tunes that Caillat has made a name for herself with, one would not expect the gorgeous (and very tall) songstress to show up in a hideous reject of a pageant dress circa 1989. The look is all so forced, from the the poufed-up hair hair to the slit up the knee, that it just comes across awkward on the breezy, often barefooted beauty.

She's Thinking: Celine Dion IS one of my style icons, afterall!

Shaila Durcal at he Grammy Awards in L.A.

Comment: Wow, it's really cute that Durcal has such a close bond with her mother but did she really need to make her Grammys gown from a leftover needle point pattern? I think my grandmother has the same thing on her throw pillows. 

She's Thinking: My mom says I'm the most stylish girl here!

Adreienne Lau at the Grammy Awards in L.A.

Comment: Sure, MAYBE out of all the awards shows, the Grammys would be the most appropriate to show up sporting a giant ruffle of gold lame and a skirt that doubles as a handkerchief. Or, as an even more appropriate venue, she could have just skipped the show entirely and gone back to the halfway house in Vegas, because that's where it looks like she really belongs. 

She's Thinking: What, all the necessary parts are covered up!

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-Alia Rajput

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One Response to WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

  1. Elisa says:

    I blame Lady Gaga too. I was just ranting about this to a friend, how being “interesting” and “different” and often downright WEIRD seems to have surpassed plain old looking good in people’s priorities when they put outfits together. It’s awful, really.
    Also, I blame the overly critical and downright bitchy people behind many popular celeb style columns, both in print and online, who keep attacking celebs who choose classic styles for being “boring”. So of course people try to do something non-boring, often landing in extremes, that are definitely not boring but also look awful!

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