Ask The Bean: Banning the Briefcase – How To Carry (and Protect) Your Laptop In Style

February 7, 2010 • Magazine

Ask The Bean: Banning the Briefcase - How To Carry (and Protect) Your Laptop In Style

Ask The Bean: Banning the Briefcase - How To Carry (and Protect) Your Laptop In Style

Mon, 2000-02-07 05:00

Dear Bean,

I work in business sales, and I always have to take my laptop with me on sales appointments. However I hate the look of briefcases, so I’ve been carrying my laptop in random purses. I don’t really have a great “laptop purse” and I’m a bit afraid of my laptop not getting enough protection while carting it back and forth. Do you have any suggestions so I don’t have to succumb to using my briefcase?

Briefcase Bummer

Dear B.B.,

Whoa to the working woman! With women working their way up in the business world, clearly the fashions are still struggling to catch up to the previously male-dominated environment. One of those fashions is most assuredly the briefcase.

I love that you are trying to be creative with how you ‘schlep’ your briefcase between sales calls. The first thing you need to invest in if you are putting your laptop in your handbag is a laptop sleeve. If you are just putting your computer into a handbag along with your wallet, cell phone, car keys, portfolio, there are many chances it’ll get scratched, something may get into a disk drive, or if you are confronted with the elements it will get wet. Protect your laptop from the interior (and exterior) of your carrying case by zipping it up in a protective – and of course – stylish laptop sleeve.

And of course, you need to consider what kind of bag you carry your laptop in if you decide to leave your briefcase at the office. Make sure it is deep enough to put in the bag without blocking your ability to grasp the handles. And if you like carrying your handbag over your shoulder, then make sure the straps are long enough to complete the task. Otherwise it’ll be an uncomfortable carry-all during your workday.

Also, make sure your laptop-carrier is made of a durable lined material such as leather and has a strong shape to it such as a squared bottom. A loose-fabric bag will be bulky and uncomfortable – as you don’t want the corners of your laptop poking you in the side.

All in all, think large, remember the handles, keep structure in mind and of course – work the style along with your job. Carry on!

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