In The Mood For Love

February 7, 2010 • Magazine

In The Mood For Love

In The Mood For Love

Mon, 2000-02-07 06:00

Alia Rajput

February is upon us and every year, that only means two things: that we’ve survived the biting cold of another Midwestern January, and that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner so it’s time for things to start heating up. For married and singles alike, Valentine’s Day can be a prime opportunity for all of us to let our hair down, bat those eyelashes and revamp a sense of sexuality, for ourselves as much as that for lucky person who gets to share our bed. Every woman has her own bedroom demeanor: some naughty, some nice, some a little bit of both. But today’s trends prove that sexuality does not have to be limited to the bedroom and to lingerie. As more boudoir-inspired pieces stalk the runways of the world, designers ask us to literally become the fantasy version of ourselves. Can’t wait to try it? There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day. Your lucky other will undoubtedly thank us.

“Tiptoe through the tulips” would be your soundtrack; you love sprinkles on cupcakes and puppy dog noses and all things tiny and cute. You are the quintessential girly girl and your idea of sexuality is all about giggles and tickling and maybe even pillow fights. Your sugary sweet nature, though cute, can be edged out a bit for a sexier, sultrier look. Take, for instance, soft folds of baby pink tumbling down your waist and stopping mid-thigh for just a tiny dose of peep show. Your mate will go from a toothache to a heart attack before he knows what hit him. Cynthia Steffe‘s breezy layers could speed up any pulse on the street, while Haute Hippie’s version translates to just about any man’s fairy princess fantasy.

Speaking of fantasies, the pure and virginal color of white is often what men associate with their ideal woman. Probably why it’s so choice for weddings. But white can quickly translate from virginal to vixen when a little transparency is thrown in for good measure. Dolce & Gabbana‘s tunics would have come off almost matronly, if it weren’t for the see-though nature of the frocks, with a slice of black underpinnings peeking through. Milly’s intricate piece channels the same type of flair through simultaneously covering up and exposing. Pair the top with black or dark undergarments to add to the seductively suggestive nature. Or, if you dare, be even bolder and don’t wear anything underneath at all!

If sophisticated sultry is more your style, there’s no better pulse racing piece than a black, corseted dress. A classier take on vamp, these knee length shifts leave just enough to the imagination with sweetheart necklines and peek-a-boo panels. Throw a jacket or blazer on and the dress can be daytime friendly, providing an easy transition to when things heat up at night. Yves St. Laurent gives this classic silhouette a modern update with clean, symmetrical line while Ports 1961 offers invisible support with tiny, transparent straps. Pair either style with sky-high heels and whoever gets in your way will be begging for mercy.

Red is commonly thought of as the signature Valentine’s Day hue. It is color of the heart, and the signature of all things passion, and fiery and true. But if you’re too old to fashion a V-Day mailbox out of cardboard, you’re probably too old to rock the rouge. At least from head to toe like Zac Posen demonstrates here. But that doesn’t mean you can’t kick up your heels with a snazzy slice of love’s favorite color. An embellished heel decked out in a dazzling shade of red can add the perfect finishing touch to a night out with your sweetie. The flirty flower on this gently priced pair would work with an ensemble of just about any color. And who knows, they just might be the last things to come off at the end of the night!

1. Runway: Cynthia Steffe Spring 2010 RTW
Real way: Haute Hippie Ruffle Miniskirt $275

2. Runway: Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2010 RTW
Real way: Milly Cotton-Lace Tunic $265

3. Runway: Yves St. Laurent Spring 2010 RTW
Real way: Ports 1961 Corseted Lingerie Dress $650

4. Runway: Zac Posen Fall 2009 RTW
Real way: Pierre Dumas Excelent Red Evening Sandal $449

Runway Photos: NY Mag

Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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