Breakthrough Designer. Mirit Weinstock Replaces Recession With Refinement.

February 8, 2010 • Fashion

Mirit 009

They are whimsical pieces of refined art enhanced by satin
ribbons and embellished by a light smattering of crystals. But though these trinkets have already earned praise from Second City Style blog peers like Catwalk Queen and
The Bag Lady, I’ve come to learn that you can’t define Israeli designer Mirit
by merely her much-blogged-about feather necklaces made of the
shuttlecock used to create a badminton ball. 

Mirit 001
Dress From Winter'09-10 Collection

Mirit Weinstock’s wares also conjure up images of Parisian
romance, ladies who lunch, old Hollywood, and those glamorous women from the
Silent Movie Era who freely glossed on the bright red lipstick. Her pieces feature intricate pin tucking,
draped blouses, lace overlay, detailed backs, pleated dresses, and ruffles out
of polished materials like satin and silk. 


If you don't know Mirit by her feminine pieces, then you've heard about her innovative new way of combining fashion and social media before it became the
thing-to-do among fashionistas on the Web. Her MissMi
took that concept to a whole
other level. Her international fashion endeavor started with five individuals
handpicked by Mirit from Flickr to photograph themselves in items from her brand.  Only two years later, the project has grown
from five to 70 participants from all over the world currently displayed on her pretty in pink website.

For me, this has become the pioneer for the style bloggers we now see on the web, en masse. The ones who photograph themselves for daily outfit posts as they model their own clothes. Perhaps the photographs, with their fairy tale appeal, are a tribute to a
glamorous fantasy world we all wish we could escape to. 

Mirit Weinstock has launched many a fashion collection in her 5-year tenure, including the former Reine, a popular line already featured on Refinery29 and Lucky magazine. 

I met Mirit Weinstock in her studio in the
heart of industrial Tel Aviv-Yafo. She’s a petite woman with a boyish crop and
a gleam in her eye, wearing lipstick in the sweetest shade of coral pink,
the same color as one of her ultra-femme one-shouldered, draped dresses, which I sneak a peek at later.

It’s hard to believe her luscious wares of silk crepe and chiffon are conjured up in a one-room studio, although the items do breathe sophistication into an otherwise crumbling area,
before being shipped off to fashion belles like Beyond the Valley in London
and NY’s Pixie Market. She also sold in Russia and Panama. 

Mirit taps into an innovative juxtaposition
between craft and ready-to-wear, creating an utterly polished look that seems
effortless in its simplicity, yet surprises you with intricate details. Take some of her dresses, which are seemingly plain in front to
accentuate one's face, then sculpted, voluminous, or
elaborate in back. Mirit says she likes to explore a dialogue between two sides of
a garment. 

Marlene Dietrich elegance comes to mind and we’re not at all
surprised she interned with haute couture masters Alber Elbaz and Alexander

While visiting her that day, I got an eyeful of her
breathtaking, but easy winter collection of frocks, like that one-sleeve coral masterpiece and this origami-like pleated dress of silk (pictured above,) but I was
also excited to learn about her upcoming Spring/Summer collection out in just 2 weeks! The collection infuses
free-spirited fun into ultra femininity. Mirit's signature satin and silk get a boost of color with bold hues like turquoise, orange, and neon pink. Floral patterns, draped backs, necklaces plated with 18-carat gold, new ways to wear pleats, and jewelry made
of fabric flowers abound.

Style380front (2)Style364 (2)
New Spring/Summer '10 Collection 

The collection will appear in mid-February in the US in
shops like Rowe boutique in Ohio, American in Paris and Hysteria in Alexandria, Virginia, and Tuni’s in
Winter Park, Florida. She’s already
making her mark in stores like LA’s Stanton James and NY’s Pixie Market and
will continue to do so.

Mirit 012
"This is my style. "This is my handwriting," Mirit says of her own interpretation of her collection.

Me with designer Mirit Weinstock.

Photos: Amit Israeli, Simona Kogan

–Simona Kogan  



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