Bling Sale. Alzerina Jewelry Debuts on Hautelook

February 9, 2010 • Accessories


Be sure to check out HauteLook this Wednesday. Why?  New York jewelry  designer Alzerina Gomes (and my friend) debuts her line A L Z E R I N A on HauteLook for prices you won't believe!

Growing up in Cape Verde, A L Z E R I N A was drawn to the world of fashion by her mother, Josepha Gomes, who was a well-known clothing designer. Inspired to start her own clothing line at the young age of 14 Alzerina quickly became adept at her craft and was accepted by the local art community. She soon began to design jewelry for artists, musicians, actors, and an influential clientele on the islands of Cape Verde. She eventually moved to Paris.

 Alzerina Shoot 1

In 1998, after eight years in the high fashion world of Paris, A L Z E R I N A headed to New York City where she created her own label. She draws inspiration from her clients’ style and sensibilities and therefore designs each piece individually. Her creations emerge as art in the form of exquisite jewelry and high-fashion intimate wear.

It's not too late for a little Valentine's Day gift for yourself! If are not a member of HauteLook yet, click here!

– Lauren Dimet Waters

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2 Responses to Bling Sale. Alzerina Jewelry Debuts on Hautelook

  1. Aman says:

    Incredible !! It is awesome jewelry. Alzerina Gomes is looking to a very good jewelery designer. I have heard lot about her and today i have also seen her collections.

  2. The first picture is AMAZING! Photoshop? 🙂 Loved the mirror effect! looks good on her :)Too bad there aren’t any “zoom in” pics on the jewelry! But even from a distance they look very charming! I will look her items up when I ma in NY in a few weeks- dose she sell in particular stores or her personal boutique?

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