Fashion Line Inspired by Chicago’s Aqua Building

February 9, 2010 • Fashion

Our home city of Chicago has been very excited by the presence of Aqua in our skyline and on our lakefront. Since construction started, the buzz around it has been monumental.

First of all, it was the 5th tallest building constructed in 2009. It is one of the tallest buildings ever designed by a woman– Jeanne Gang of Studio Gang, also in Chicago. It's part of the high profile Lakeshore East area, built up primarily by Chicago residential developers Magellan Development, and the whole community including Aqua is committed to being green for its residents and for the city. But obviously, the most notable thing about Aqua is its beautiful and original design. It has been catching eyes not just in Chicago but around the country. 

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Even up in Canada, Aqua is making waves. The Aqua building's design
recently inspired Canadian designer Lara Presber; she designed an
entire line based around the structure! According to this article, Lara was inspired when she visited Chicago while Aqua was still under construction. "I
was really interested in the notion that two very hard building
materials could produce such a feminine and soft-looking structure.
Her 2010 women's wear line will be available in stores across Canada
and in her flagship store this month. We particularly like this dress,
and we can definitely see the Aqua inspiration in it:

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The designer said, "When standing perfectly still it appears to
be a monochromatic dress, but while walking, the sunset yellow
substructure that the layers are all attached to flashes a bit of
colour in the same way that the glass of the Aqua Tower is revealed
between the layers of concrete.
" We love it!

After the past
year's trend toward architectural clothing design, which we really saw
represented at the Grammys, we'd be surprised if we don't see more
garments inspired by Aqua. Quirky and extravagant architectural designs
have been all over the red carpet, and we think some Aqua-inspired
gowns could really inject some femininity into the trend. Can't you
just see Gaga rocking an over-the-top Aqua-inspired get-up sometime
soon? We can!

See more of the collection and the designer's thoughts on Chicago's Aqua building here.

– Hayley Wells

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