The Pressures of Being a Model…

February 10, 2010 • Off-Topic

Anyone who's seen a fashion show knows how dangerous it can be: staggering high heels coupled with a tight ensemble, walking on a slick floor with hundreds of people watching and taking your picture can spell instant disaster.

Model Abbey Lee Kershaw was interviewed by Today Tonight, an Australian nightly television show, talked about the pressure it is to keep up with the "industry standard" of being ultra-thin. "That's like asking a bodybuilder how they feel about the pressures to be incredibly muscly. An elite performer is always put under some sort of extreme pressure that the rest of society can argue, might not quite understand."

Kershaw had been under fire for opting out of the Alexander McQueen show last spring for the dangerously high platform shoes. "Hopefully [the shoes are] going to come back down soon, because health and safety regulations have to come into play at some point."

That was not the first time Kershaw had been under the pressures of fashion to excel. She has fainted in a corset at a McQueen show in 2009, fell in the spring Rodarte show which resulted in a torn ligament, and had to take a season off to have knee surgery.

-Taneisha Jordan


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