New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Modern Elegance at Costello Tagliapietra

February 12, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Fall '10

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 NY_Fall_10_RTW_Costello_Tagliapietra_22  NY_Fall_10_RTW_Costello_Tagliapietra_24  NY_Fall_10_RTW_Costello_Tagliapietra_25

NY_Fall_10_RTW_Costello_Tagliapietra_26 Summary: I kept catching glimpses of men in plaid, and men with beards in the crowd while waiting for the show and thought… could that be one of them? No, who I saw was probably friends or fans of Costello Tagliapietra: Costellotagliapietraphiles. I have to admit that I too, have become one of them. Not wearing plaid, but I would certainly wear something from this collection. You have to marvel at how these two burly bears could be the designers of such modern, clean, soft and elegant pieces for women. The intricate gathering, weaving and perfect draping included a lot emphasis on the backs of the dresses this season, which unfortunately you cannot see from the runway shots. Some of the tonal colors may be a bit hard for some women to wear, particularly the mustard golds and some of the dusky rose colors, and some of the deep plunging backs are not for everyone. You'd have to try them on, because there were many different silhouettes. I especially like their use of two tones together, which seems to be one of their trademarks, for example the whole back of a dress may be a darker tone of the front. But the easiness of the fit makes many of these dresses and separates collectors items that you can wear for years to come. The best was saved for last: a hot lava colored sleeveless pleated dress.

Color Pallette: rose brown, flax, gold dust, cordovan, lava, oxblood, AirDye Peau de soie, AirDye ghost print, silverpink

Fabrics & Textures: georgette, peau de soie, pleats, fold, draping, insets, cornfield print, devils night print

Key Looks: Flax AirDye peau de soie and gold dust dress with insets; Dusk nd cordovan AirDye peau de soie short dress with draped top; Silverpink draped top and rosewood long skirt; AirDye devil's night print peau de soie long sleeve dress; Lava AirDye colored sleeveless pleated dress

—Carol Calacci

Photos: NYMag

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