Project Runway Season 7 Episode 5: Create a Look For The Cover Of Marie Claire To Be Worn By A Celebrity. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

February 12, 2010 • Lifestyle


It was the biggest challenge in Project Runway history. EVER! Yes, it may seem like this is a running mantra for every new episode of Project Runway, but in this week’s episode it was true. Sure the challenge didn’t seem so difficult; create a “picture perfect” outfit, not too bad, right? But then factor in the winning design is to be worn by a celebrity on the COVER of Marie Claire’s April issue, than it’s a pretty big challenge, especially when the celebrity is Heidi Klum. It was a big challenge and just in case we forgot just how big it was, Tim Gunn was there at every turn to remind us just how huge it was.

Since this challenge would put the designers in league with Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Calvin Klein, and Gucci, all of whom have been on the cover within the last year, the designers were frantic to make everything perfect. Tim was sure to tell everyone to “use that editing eye” which helped the designers keep perfection in the forefront of their design.  With everyone concentrating on perfect seams and infallible construction, the workroom was eerily quiet… But not for long, because soon panic hit the same designers who are constantly in a panic; namely Janeane, and Anna Marie. Yet panic is not something that bothers Mila, who was cool and confident about her design and whose same coolness is bothersome for many of the other designers who find her “fake” and a “one note wonder,” ouch!
While there were a number of well made garments this week, Seth Aaron’s suit looked superbly tailored, but let’s face it, not exactly something you’d see on the cover of Marie Claire.  And Amy’s adorable boho-chic dress also stood out, but was not part of the top three this week after winning immunity during last week’s challenge.  The top three designers this week were Ben, Emilio and Anthony.  Emilio is really starting to come across as a top designer, Michael Kors was impressed that he was able to structure jersey, but his dress wasn’t exactly right so the judges had him snip the sleeves off the dress while they continued their critique of his dress. Ben, whose dress should have been the winning design this week, was a mini kimono style dress inspired from Madame Butterfly. His use of color had Michael Kors remark that the dress would cut through the noise of a news stand.  But this fashion forward look was not good enough to beat out Anthony’s design, who truly designed a dress for Heidi Klum. Anthony has been listening to the judges’ comments and has figured out a way to incorporate them into his design aesthetic. His not-so costume-y dress looked chic, although it was really hard for me to get past the Smurfette blue. But my vote doesn’t count, so Anthony was declared the winner of last night’s challenge and he seemed as shocked as I was.

The bottom designs came from, surprise, surprise, two of the designers who were panicked during the episode; Janeane and Anna Marie. Both designs weren’t eye catching or fashion forward enough, and Mila’s dress reminded the judges of an ACE bandage or worse a beige sports bra, not something that would be eye catching enough for the cover of a magazine.  However, it was Anna Marie who was out, even though she made separates and a well constructed pair of shorts, it still wasn’t good enough to keep her in for another week. So-long, Anna Marie!


Anthony – "You are the winner!"


Ben's Design


Emilo's Design


Mila's Design


Janeane's Design


Anna Marie – "You're out!" 

Memorable Quotes:

I’m going to go to sleep if it remains this quiet in here. Seth Aaron.
Did you smoke anything besides a cigarette when you went outside?
I’m making a space suit. Jonathan
But this spewing out factor; is that really you? Tim to Janeane
You know it’s the fifth challenge and I haven’t met the judges.
You don’t want it to look like clown clothes. Tim
Mila, there’s something about her that is, you know, fake and not so sincere. Jay
What bothers me about Mila as a designer is that she comes off cocky and all she’s doing is color blocking in every challenge. She’s a one note wonder.  Emilio
My, my, it’s going to be a blood bath on the runway today. Jay
I’m in a mode of hysteria. Anna Maire
I just want to get out of this alive. Janeane
It’s like three ingredients in a dish that leave you feeling slightly nauseous. Guest Judge Joanna Cole, Editor In Cheif Of Marie Claire on Anna Marie’s outfit.
The costume drama is over. You’ve entered modern times. Michael Kors on Anthony’s dress.
I’m not getting the beach or the sea, unless it’s the polluted sea with plastic bottles in it. Joanna Cole
Let’s be honest it, that peach color is coming off ACE bandage. Michael Kors
And these arrows look like
they’re pointing at her crotch.
Nina Garcia

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— Bonnie J Brown

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  1. Shoequeen says:

    I think Anthony’s was the best for a magazine cover but my favorite overall was Ben’s. I do think though that it might have been a little much for a magazine cover but was the best in terms of most desired to buy and wear to look fashionable.

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