New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Erin Fetherston, Chelsea Girl

February 14, 2010 • Magazine

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Summary: Getting invites for Fashion Week, like applying to colleges, has a strategy to it. You have your safety shows—the ones you're always invited to, the reasonable bets, and your aspirational shows. Aspirational shows are the long shots, the ones that—if you got to attend—would make you feel giddy and content, even if you saw nothing else.

After seeing her (stunning, brilliant) Fall '09 collection, Erin Fetherston was my dream show. She didn't disappoint. A master of feminine but not saccharin clothing, she channeled Nico in Chelsea Girls  to create a collection of chiffon dresses and poet blouses and slim blazers. It was sexy-intellectual, the sort of thing you might see on your schoolteacher… if it was 1975, your schoolteacher was hot and she spent her evenings at Studio 54.

Soft colors—dove gray, sage green, lilac—and sheer fabrics gave the collection an air of lightness, an assertion, perhaps, that the coming fall will feel less heavy than the last. Silhouettes were alternately slim and free-flowing, but in both cases wearable.You can't go wrong with any of the pieces in this collection, but her sailor pants / shorts will be my favorite way to update my wardrobe when the time comes.

Color Palette: Dove, orange, black, putty, sage, candied lilac, purple, copper, midnight, charmeuse

Fabrics & Textures: Chiffon, wool, velvet, silk crepe, cashmere

Key Looks: Dove chiffon Francis Blouse with dove wool cupro vest and pant; pleated Chelsea dress in orange chiffon; black chiffon bow front blouse with black velvet sailor shorts; jersey and lace striped Edith dress; strapless LouLou gown in dusk lilac chiffon and copper metallic wool; plunging halter Maxime gown in midnight violet chiffon and black metallic wool; Dauphine gown in black chiffon and black metallic wool

—Becky Ellis

Photos: NYMag

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  1. Matty says:

    The Erin Fetherston is by far the most amazing collection ive come across and have some of the most elegant dresses you can by.

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