C/FAN Fall 2010 Showcase in Chicago

February 15, 2010 • Fashion Shows


Me with designer Christina Fan


Jewelry from Asia by Fab Studio

C/FAN Designs:







You walk into Dubhe Carreno Gallery and are greeted by a crowd with a wide range of chic fashion from bizarre cuts and wild prints to elegant floras and silk combos. All these viewers unconsciously bob to the beat of the music, eagerly waiting to see the 2010 fall designs of Gen Arts annual Fresh Faces in Fashion, Christina Fan.  

Jewelry by Asia of Fab Studio designs hangs exotically over models posted up on the wall, wetting the appetite of this enthusiastic crowd. The intricate detail of the draping jewelry kept viewers’ eyes entertained, but when the lights dimmed all focus was suddenly shifted.

In walk the models showcasing C/FAN designs with a unique approach.  Three at a time, the models walk into the room; stand posing for cameras for a couple minutes, and one-by-one they make their way down the walkway.  All pieces categorized under Fan’s goal of a versatile look: being able to use the same piece day or night.

The flowing silk tanks made from Japanese jersey (resists shrinkage, pilling and color fading) had a plunging sheer v-neck that was presented in several different colors throughout the show. Fan also showcased a fitted harem pant suit that I wanted! The loose fitted, boy-inspired suit was of utmost sexiness and won me over!

She attached a hood to many of her cloaks, adding an edgy twist to a typical concept.  The amazingly rich silk was a dominant factor in the show. The ingenious cuts allowed the fabric to float so innocently. An overall intensity was splashed onto the show with the dramatic eye makeup and messy, braided updos.




Time to chit chat with Christina Fan:

SCS: How has being one of Gen Art’s Fresh Faces in Fashion inspired you and your collection?

CF: It’s pushed me forward to think more out of the box and has given me confidence to explore more of my personal style.

SCS: What is the different direction you took for this collection?

CF: The spring 2010 Fresh Faces show was very personal to me, but this fall 2010 is moodier. For winter I wanted it to be a little more dramatic. It’s something I love to wear as a woman. It’s very versatile and easy to wear, but it's still sexy and super cute.

SCS: What was the common theme in this line?

CF: The common theme is the fabric I’m using. It’s like a sueded silk; a thick luxurious silk. When you wear it, it feels like suede and it looks like suede, but it’s silk. I’m doing all my basic pieces with this fabric for overall comfort.  

SCS: What was the best advice you’ve ever gotten?

CF: The best advice was probably from my parents when they told me to just go for it and not be scared; to keep pushing forward. It was really hard for me. I grew up thinking I was going to be a doctor or an attorney and I was going through the law school route. I just really felt it wasn’t the path that I wanted to take. So I decided to jump ship and try it out. Thankfully I had the support of my parents. They weren’t like “No, go to law school!”

For more info or to place an order contact info@cfan-designs.com or visit www.cfan-designs.com

Photos and Video: Heather Youkana for Second City Style

-Heather Youkhana

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