New York Fashion Week Fall ’10. Carmen Marc Volvo Outfits Espionage

February 15, 2010 • New York Fashion Week Fall '10

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Summary: From my time backstage, I learned that Carmen Mac Volvo had a very specific source of inspiration for his fall' 10 collection—the 2007 Chinese espionage thriller film Lust, Caution, which was set in Shanghai in 1942. Volvo chose to use the film's setting and time period as the backbones of the collection, zoning in on the central character of a classic femme fatale. The duality of the two themes seemingly played a vital part in the formation of the collection's construction since what resulted was a striking balance of vintage glamour and modern innovation. Fedoras and peplum shapes, both tops and skirts, were among the
elements most reminiscent of the period. The traditional Asian influence was apparent through mandarin cut tees and boleros, sequined
cheongsam dresses, and the dazzling gold, black and red seen throughout
the palette.

Volvo added his signature touch of grandeur with the final few looks, an assortment of silk taffeta gowns that billowed and fell like a whisper. Each of the models, coiffed with retro waves and pouting in bright red, embodied a sinister sensuality, as if their deep, knowing gaze could actually kill. You almost expected the James Bond theme to play as the models stalked the carpet of the NASDAQ, feline-like. And sure enough, halfway through the show the music changed to the familiar soundtrack of the dapper and deviant spy. It was a truly perfect touch. 

Color Palette:
onyx, gold, jade, palm, citrine, chocolate, crimson, lapis, malachite, metallic

Fabrics and Textures: wool, sateen, caviar, beaded brocade, lurex knit, taffeta, lace, sequined, double-faced wool, silk, satin, cashmere, crepe, mattlasse, silk taffeta, sheer, guipere, scalloped, ribboned, ruffled, jeweled, patchwork, pleated, lacquered

Key Looks: Onyx wool sateen trench coat, jade taffeta peplum skirt, palm silk ribbon strapless peplum cocktail dress, crimson one shoulder satin and crepe peplum gown, onyx caviar beaded lace cheongsam, citrine silk taffeta strapless gown

-Alia Rajput

Photos: NY Mag

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