Miley, It’s Time for a Wardrobe Intervention

February 24, 2010 • Celebrity Style


The cutouts of the leggings that go to her hip are a little much, and is that a dress? I’m thinking it’s a shirt!

I’m waiting for the day that Stacy and Clinton drag Miley Cyrus onto their show, What Not to Wear, because apparently not a single person has the courage to stand up to a teenager. It’s one thing to get wrapped into the Hollywood fashion, but when you push it to the limits like Cyrus does, that’s when we run into problems.

From the first leaked pictures of her in a white shirt under the showerhead, to the pole dance at the awards show, Cyrus has been leading down a dangerous path. Her clothing doesn’t help, half the stuff she wears I don’t even expect Beyonce to wear and think about the age difference!


At this point, I don’t get why Cyrus even bothers wearing shorts. I get it’s sunny and probably hot, but she needs someone constantly standing next to her to remind her she isn’t at the beach! Not only is that simply not flattering, but also that displays no fashion sense what so ever!

These next two pieces are priceless:


It looks like her little sister got to her shirt with a pair of scissors. I mean, seriously what was she thinking! Oh, and of course the shirt is matched with pair of barely-there short shorts, real classy Cyrus.


I’ve saved the best for last! This shirt is obviously meant to be worn with something underneath, but oh no, Cyrus would never dare tamper with the see-through look. This shirt does nothing for Cyrus, and most of all, it’s completely unflattering. What was she thinking?!

Source: SCS
Photo: Celebuzz, Zimbio

-Heather Youkhana


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  1. Carol says:

    I’m glad you are “on her back!” What’s with all of these torn up looks! Come on Miley!

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