Into The Trenches.

March 1, 2010 • Shopping


I love the great ease that a well conceived jacket or coat has to offer in my hectic life. All I do is slip it on and I instantly feel calm, cool, and collected. Not many of my pieces offer this kind of simplicity. Most of the time I’m pouring myself into dresses, wrestling with slimming contraptions, or jamming myself in the latest skinny jeans, it’s always divine to have a breather between being tortured.

So you can probably understand why most of my closet consist of jackets and coats. For me, these babies are worth their weight in gold and closet space. One of my favorite pieces out of this category has to be the trench coat. My second skin between winter and spring, its loyalty is unwavering through my work week or the weekend cocktail hours. I usually opt for my serious knee-length leather trench that shields and protects me from the elements superbly, but for this year, I'm yearning for a coat that is a little bit more prismatic and carefree.


Anna Sui offered a perfect example of what I was looking for in royal blue color that had ruffles along the sleeves and the pockets. While Burberry seduced me with their new Spring jacket that featured exaggerated shoulders and clean lines. I also found out that accessorizing a trench coat that you already own can be a great way to refresh the classic without shelling out a dime. This last choice was one of my favorites since it allows me to be more creative and it also helps me develop my styling skills. 


I still haven't decided on which style to pursue yet but I'm excited to see all these new spins on this iconic coat. My mundane khaki or humorless leather trench will not stand a chance against these colorful and fun selections. I just hope I can squeeze enough room in my closet for a few more clothing acquisitions, since the last fight I had with my closet didn't end very well. Let's just say that the clothing wasn't the only pile on the floor.

-Yen Le

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