Beauty Beat. Juvederm XC…The New Pain-Free Dermal Filler

March 1, 2010 • Beauty

Joy of joys! I just learned that Juvederm hyaluronic acid dermal filler is no longer painful! Mind you, the pain would not have stopped me from erasing that tell-tale sign of aging…the parenthesis around the mouth, but hey, if it hurts less, I'm game! Juvederm is perfect for smoothing facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth for up to one year (with just one treatment).

There is now a new formulation of Juvederm now with .3% preservative-free lidocaine called Juvedem XC (in both the Ultra and Ultra Plus formulations)making it's way to doctor's offices all across the country. It was recently approved by the FDA this past January. Now you can feel the local anesthetic effect within just three seconds of the initial injection! Not only that, it reduces the need for additional anesthetic.

I freely admit I tried regular Juvederm a little over a year ago and while I loved the immediate and long lasting results, it was rather painful. Needless to say I was not looking forward to going back. However, I'll take a filler over surgery any day. Amazingly, my initial treatment held up fairly well for over a year, but I was still in the need for a touch up. So last Thursday,  I was eager to try Juvederm XC when the opportunity presented itself and compare it to the Juvederm injections I endured previously.

Me before…and after

I practically lept into the chair once I learned this new formulation was going to be relatively pain-free. Dr. Charles Boyd (a Facial and Plastic Reconstructive Surgeon) told me I wasn't that bad to begin with, but I still wanted my parenthesis filled out!He had said that some women want that area plumped out just a bit and others like no signs of age whatsoever. I consider myself the later.

So, how did it feel? All I felt was the initial injection on each side, then nothing. It was truly amazing. I remember the last time feeling the filler going in, this time I didn't feel it at all. In fact, I was surprised when the doctor told me he was done injecting. No ice was needed. I just touched up my makeup and left. The results were subtle, but immediate. Later that evening I felt some soreness, but it was gone by morning.

I have told everyone I know how amazing Juvederm XC is. Run, don't walk to your doctor. Now looking younger doesn't have to hurt a bit!

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– Lauren Dimet Waters

Photos: Second City Style

FTC Disclosure: Complimentary treatment received for review.

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  1. Alex says:

    Adding lidocaine to Juvederm was a very smart move on the part of Allergan. Before, it was necessary to sit with topical anesthetic or to get nerve blocks. With Juvederm XC, only the initial pinprick is painful!

  2. avril says:

    I don’t understand something. This Juvederm is a natural treatment that substitutes some kind of substance witch human body loses when we get old? Or Juvederm is similar to Botox?

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