Anna Wintour Becomes a Muse.

March 2, 2010 • Celebrity Style, Fashion


The Painted Anna Wintour.

I bet Anna Wintour was the perfect subject for the American artist Alex Katz; she’s as quiet as the rustling of silk chiffon and as still as the elaborate beadwork on an Azzedine Alaia dress. Traits that can only be credited to her years of being front and center at every major fashion show. No wonder Alex said “Painting Anna was like shooting fish in a barrel. There was no way I could miss it.”


Anna Wintour in the flesh.

Well Alex, I doubt you were shooting in a barrel, it seemed more like shooting fish in the vast Bering Sea. His portrayal of the most infamous woman in fashion looks nothing like her. For one thing, her hair is one flat shade of color with no dimension. I mean come on, if you spend a hundreds of dollars per appointment  making those highlights look that perfect, wouldn't you want them to be depicted in all its glory? Secondly, what's up with the Mona Lisa Smile? Was this the best you could muster out of Ms. Wintour or was it too hard for both parties to decide between big and toothy or pursed and serious?

If you want to make the judgment call yourself, head to the National Portrait Gallery between May 15 through September 21 where the painting will be displayed for all the critical eyes to see. It's probably the only time you will be able to witness the renowned editor-in-chief of Vogue “smile” for more than five consecutive seconds.

-Yen Le

Source: blackbookmag

Photos: nymag

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