Kate Moss to Play a Ballerina

March 3, 2010 • Fashion


The edgy, dangerous and downright rebellious supermodel, Kate Moss, is playing a ballerina, of all things, in her acting
début. She will star in a ballet movie with co-star Mikhail Baryshnikov, who is
a Russian dancer and choreographer. If that name doesn’t ring a bell, maybe
this will help. He was
artist boyfriend “Aleksandr Petrovsky” in season six of the show.

His artsy character isn’t that far fetched with his real-life
talents. In one episode, remember when he stopped “Bradshaw” outside
the opera to have a quick dance in the romantically lit up streets. Of course “Bradshaw” fainted in
her hot pink, cropped, tulle dress, but that’s beside the point. His smooth
was carried ever so effortlessly on screen and I’m sure his feet in
this next movie will seemingly float all over the place.

By taking off the dark
makeup and grungy clothes, and pulling the blond locks into a tight bun, Moss, along with her waif figure, could pass as a ballerina.

According to the Daily Mail, Moss is taking dance
classes and "wanting to get fit and healthy" for the role. So now she
decides to get healthy? Her body right now is what I think of when I hear the
word ballerina. Maybe Moss should stick to the figure she currently has for the
film’s sake and concentrate on getting healthy and fit once the film’s over back into her daily lifestyle. 

The film will be shown
at a fund-raising event first, and then it will be viewed as a gallery installation.

Story/Picture Source: NY

 -Heather Youkhana

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