Runway to Real Way. Come Fly With Me: Spring Break Favorites

March 9, 2010 • Runway/Realway


Alia Rajput for Second City Style Magazine

Congratulations! We’ve survived the icy clench of another winter. And now that the dreary doldrums are on their way out, let’s set our sights on the better, brighter (and warmer!) days to come.
The rebirth and rejuvenation of spring goes beyond the realm of
cleaning out the closet and scrubbing down the floors. It’s also a
season of allowance, indulgence and rewarding ourselves with the rest
we’ve so desperately needed. Hence, the reason for one of the best
weeks of the year known as spring break! Sure, gone are the days of the
poolside keggers and wet t-shirt contests, but they have (thankfully)
been replaced with more civilized indulgences. Spa pedicure? Check. Margaritas at sunset? Check. Cabana boy with sunblock? Yes please.
So whether you’re given a week off or decide to just take one, throw
the flip-flops in a bag, pack up a few of these essentials and get
yourself out of dodge because you’ve definitely earned it!

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