Project Runway Season 7 Episode 8:  Earth, Wind, Fire and Air. Memorable Quotes From Last Night’s Episode

March 12, 2010 • Fashion


With this season of Project Runway approaching it’s mid-way point, I’ve finally come to the conclusion that while the cast of designers may be a more talented group than what Project Runway has had in the recent past, the designers are, alas, not very entertaining to watch. Where’s the workroom tension, the catty comments, the drama?! Each week, after the challenge has been revealed, I find my attention straying. It comes almost to the point where I want to change the channel since I know nothing of interest will happen until the last ten minutes of the show when I can hear the snarky comments of Nina and Michael. I’m almost wishing that Ping hadn’t been sent home so many weeks ago, she at least made the show a bit more exciting to watch. So instead of a reality show with any sort of catty comments from the designers we viewers are bombarded with product placement and more product placement. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a fan of and Mood is a Project Runway staple, but I don’t need to see dresses made from Campbell’s Soup logos, nor do I need to hear, in detail, the different types of hairspray Garnier sells.

Yes, this week’s episode featured the Garnier hair salon working closely with the designers who had to create a look that was inspired by nature and come in the form of earth, air, fire or water. Since nothing of real interest happened during the main portion of the show I’m just going to fast forward to the runway show. In the top this week was Maya, whose water inspiration resulted in a mini, stretch wool dress. The garment was well made and the favorite of guest judge, Roland Mouret, however, Nina started to question whether or not Maya knows who she is as a designer, since most of her garments are influenced by other designers. Seth Aaron was also on top this week and is seriously becoming one of my favorites, even though I’m not nearly punk enough to wear any of his garments (I mean his wind interpretation involved black leather and studs).  His skill as a tailor and his ability to do well in the challenges and still stay true to his aesthetic is very impressive. But Jonathan was this week’s winner, while his daring move from a couple weeks ago left him in the bottom two, this week his artsy, air as laughter inspired dress was romantic, airy and very complimentary to his oh-so-pale model. Congrats to Jonathan, he finally won a challenge, but unfortunately he will not be immune from elimination next week.


In the bottom three we have a look that could have honestly been the Olympic Torch, or as Heidi described it: “a cat in a baby sling,” designed by Amy; a boring “mall walk outfit,” as Michael coined it, from Mila; and a shark suit that looked as if the model was wearing a jock strap on the outside of her pants. Mila’s outfit, thank goodness was not color blocked, but seeing as how it was so boring and common, the judges question whether she is a one trick pony. And while Amy’s truly bizarre design was very avant-garde, it didn’t contain any elegance. Even though Ben pushed himself, the results were disastrous and Tim had to direct him to clean up his workspace. And then there were eight!

Jonathan – "You are the winner of this challenge!"

Seth Aaron's Design

Maya's Design

Mila's Design

Amy's Design

Ben "You are out!"

Memorable Quotes

"I got spanked by Heidi and Michael and I’ve learned my lesson."  Emilio referring to the last runway
"We’re like the Victoria’s Secret Wonderbra, we lifted each other."  Jay
"Basically I think of happy blue shit, so I’m totally confused." Seth Aaron on being assigned Air as his inspiration

"Even Anthony has been quiet for a change." Mila
"The trousers are awful and are not doing anything for the model’s crotch." Mila on Ben’s pants

"It makes me feel better that everyone is freaking out as much as I am." Maya

"Do you feel like you're in the middle of a 'make it work' moment?"  Tim Gunn

"If you don't take risks you are not going to be the next great American designer."
"I don’t know why Amy is choosing at this moment to give her model hairy tits. Anthony on Amy’s dress
She needs a Nair affair up there." Anthony on Amy’s design

"Is anyon
e else as worried as I am?
" Tim Gunn on Runway day

"She looks like a bar maid serving her hair." Michael Kors on Amy's design

"It looks like she' growing hair." Hiedi Klum on Amy's design

"I had no idea what it was, instead of just an ill-fitting suit." Michael Kors to Ben

"It looks like the first suit you have ever made."  Hiedi Klum to Ben

"If you looked up romance in the dictionary you would find a picture of this look below it." 
Jonathan on his design
"It looks like a cat in a baby’s sling." Heidi on Amy’s design
"All I can think about is if you don’t know how to make a suit, don’t." Heidi commenting on Ben’s design
"It looks to me she is wearing underwear over her pants, it’s bizarre." Heidi on Ben’s pants
"Come on Ben, a jock strap pant? It’s wacky." Michael Kors

 "That was kind of Mila designing an outfit for a mall walk." Michael Kors

"She got ambitious. She ended up with a mess. ..a weird looking mess."  Michael Kors on Amy's design

"It's like she's trying too hard." Nina Garcia on Amy's design

"Pale understands pale." Jonathan when his model said he took her complexion into account for his design

"It was romantic. It was quite beautiful. But hey, I'm French!"
Guest Judge Roland Mouret on Johnathan's design

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— Bonnie J Brown


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  1. Nana says:

    I had never lost any episode of Runway and I most say that this season is one of the best.

  2. I admire Heidi Klum, she is so talented and pretty, a very powerful busyness woman. I think her concept for fashion show is much better then Tajra’s.

  3. That was kind of Mila designing an outfit for a mall walk.

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