WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

March 12, 2010 • Celebrity Style

So its been almost a full week since the biggest fashion night in Hollywood, the Academy Awards. And while we're sick to death of hearing about the flubs that took place on the actual red carpet, there are a few looks you may have missed that need their time in the WTF! spotlight.

Keisha Whitaker at the Governors Ball in Hollywood

Comment: Keisha opted for a lot of look here and granted, this is a night for some serious risk-taking, but some of them (many, actually) don't quite pan out as you would like. The color is actually gorgeous on her, and she may have even been able to get away with the splotchy pattern and sheer overlay without going over the top; but that bow is horrible, and just catapults her from high fashion to pageant.

She's Thinking: I've been practicing my wave, want to see?

Katie Price at Elton John's AIDS foundation Oscar party in West Hollywood

Comment: Speaking of pageant and accents and all things horrible, there aren't too many words that can sum up the nightmare that is this dress. Except maybe "80s prom". Or "Dynasty". Or "Aprils Fools Day". She can't be serious, right? And its really such a shame since shes so gorgeous. But hopefully seeing herself in this dress afterward will be enough to ensure that she will never do it again. 

She's Thinking: All I want is world peace.

Sharon and Kelly Osbourne at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar party in West Hollywood

Comment: There seems to be a reoccurring theme here: its as if one actress decided to dress like a character from Dynasty and then emailed a bunch of her friends so do it too. Apparently, Sharon Osbourne got the memo. The hot rocker mama looks surprisingly matronly in her frumpy, heavily patterned jacket. She should have just left it in the limo "by accident" and worked the slinky taupe number underneath. And Kelly, who is admittedly looking better than ever, needs to lose the Frenchie from Grease hair and start taking her glam factor a little more seriously.

They're Thinking: We do everything together, even make bad style choices!

Tinsley Mortimer at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar party in West Hollywood

Comment: This one pains me since I met Tinsley at last NYFW and she really is a sweet and spunky girl. But is she ever wants to branch out of the CW melodrama pigeonhole, then she cant be showing up to the most glamorous galas looking like Oscar Barbie. She need to take a clue from colleagues like Blake Lively and Leighton Meester whose looks, when they nail it, are the epitome of sophisticate chic.  

She's Thinking: Ken's around here somewhere……

Perez Hilton at Elton John's AIDS Foundation Oscar party in West Hollywood

Comment: Well if Tinsely's looking for her male counterpart in ridiculous, then it seems like we have a winner. Even if Perez wanted to stand out in an over the top ensemble, he could have come up with something more epic than this. It's Elton John for gosh sake! As it stands, his Halloween-inspired palate and lame, too cash shoes only amount to a tragic, epic fail. We still love you though, Perez!

He's Thinking: Is it allowed to bash myself on the blog tomorrow?

Photo Source: wireimage
-Alia Rajput

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