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Joan Kittredge

Going green or eco-friendly has not only been a trend since the 1960’s but it has become a total lifestyle change these days. We have all tried the shorter showers, canvas grocery bags, and even sweating while riding your bike to work. While these are all fabulous for the planet and not to mention our guilty conscious, why don’t we look just as fabulous as we feel! 

Yes, you could walk to your favorite thrift shop and pick out a tee with some unknown high school mascot on the front. Or you could head to the internet and find some ultra chic vintage couture! 

So you might be wondering, “Vintage couture – eco friendly?” As a matter a fact, it is! Though it might not have been originally made green but purchasing anything that doesn’t cause more mass production is surely eco friendly in my book!  

The myth is that couture has to be expensive as well, and yes it is more a bit more pricey. But you can find vintage couture at amazingly low prices on the web with some easy searching. If you are still not convinced, think of it this way: trends are always reappearing so why not get something that is one-of-a-kind! 

So open those windows, separate paper from plastics and buy some couture!

1. 1980s Karl Lagerfeld Silk Pantsuit $346.50
2. 1990s Giorgio Armani Lavish Lilac Top $375
3. Pucci Blue Velvet $400
4. Ballantyne of Peebles Mink Collared Cashmere $150
5. Rocco Barroco Striped Swing Coat $3000
6. 1970s Noriko Jungle Green Caftan $475

Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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