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March 19, 2010 • Fashion


Karolina Zmarlak

Women have an uncanny ability at remembering the history of a piece of clothing. We can usually tell you when you wore it first, how many times after that and when you’ll wear it again. It’s quite a useful talent when dealing with the fashion industry or predicting trends. But for a girl with an active social life and a budget – it can be hell.

Meaning that if I showed up at any event with a “repeater” outfit; someone’s definitely going to know. Not just know, but tell other parties, “Hey didn’t she wear that for so-and-so’s party? How sad is that?”

OK, they may not say something that mean but definitely along those lines.

One thing I knew for sure was that I didn’t want to get stuck in a situation like that again so I started to seek different possibilities.


Calvin Tran

One of the best options I’ve found so far is to invest in convertible styles. Not just the spandexy items that pretty much look the same after they’ve been converted but luxury quick change pieces. Items from Karolina Zmarlak, Calvin Tran and Rad Hourani will take you through a variety of occasions and still look wonderfully different every time.


Rad Hourani

These are perfect solutions that will produce so many styles for just one price and also keep you looking fresh in everyone’s memory. Not only that, but we can probably stump the sharpest women in the room and I find that quite satisfying. Now that we have taken care of this little problem, we can finally concentrate on our own entertainment, instead of providing it for someone else!

-Yen Le

Photos: calvintran, karolinazmarlak, frillr

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