Overseas Trend Report: Bringing You the Best of the Best from London, Milan and Paris

March 20, 2010 • Magazine

Overseas Trend Report: Bringing You the Best of the Best from London, Milan and Paris

Overseas Trend Report: Bringing You the Best of the Best from London, Milan and Paris

Mon, 2000-03-20 01:00

Amanda Aldinger

Fashion month for Fall 2010 is officially over, and after recently bringing you some of the best of the best of Britain’s unknowns, it’s time to do a full-on trend report from what was shown overseas on the catwalks in London, Milan and Paris.

All in all, this was the season of the throwback. Across the catwalks, designers hearkened back to classic notions of high fashion, producing looks that were relatable in the ready-to-wear realm while evoking couture concepts reminiscent of fashion’s most iconic designers. 

The Dior Throwback: Lengthening of Skirts
In a move that throws back to Christian Dior’s New Look, designers chose to experiment with hemlines, elongating them for the chillier months. Designers like Jonathan Saunders and Pringle of Scotland took past-the-knee skirt lengths from matronly to hip with the addition of edgy black booties, extreme pleats, and the pairing of graphic prints. This season, length certainly doesn’t equal boring. Pair your new skirt with footless leggings, a super chic bootie/printed sock combo, and bright colors on top to keep this trend feeling fresh and fabulous. 

The Yves Saint Laurent Throwback: The Suit
YSL took trousers and tuxedo attire for women from taboo to classic, giving birth to menswear for women in one of fashion history’s most notable moves. Although menswear inspirations have had their place on the runway ever since, this season designers brought back suits in pinstripes and tweed, culling their inspiration from 1970s gangster chic – complete with fedoras and a bad ass attitude. Salvatore Ferragamo and Balmain were two designers who really experimented with proportion, one-upping the Boyfriend and bringing tailoring back to the body. With accents like bows for neckties, gold buttons, and sparkly pinstripes, it just goes to show you that while men may always look great – women have much more fun. 

The Alexander McQueen Throwback: Sci-Fi
While it’s a stretch to call anything hearkening the late, great Alexander McQueen a throwback, it’s certainly not one to include him in fashion’s most historical, trend-setting canon of designers. McQueen was famous for his science fiction-inspired designs and otherworldly presentations. So while this season, as he continued on with his reptilian theme, designers like Gareth Pugh and Todd Lynn took a cue from McQueen’s Alien-esque past by bringing fashionable notes of sci-fi inspiration back to Earth. Marked by uber-structured shoulders, lots of leather, and an aesthetic that belongs on the chicest of Star Trek missions, this fall, let the space age overtake you and experiment with fashion that’s truly out of this world. 

The Prada Throwback: Lace
I remember a few years ago when Prada experimented with lace, inciting confusion and worry as to how to pull off such a seemingly aged trend. Clearly, Ms. Miuccia had hit on something fabulous, because this season lace was all the rage. Regardless of who’s been experimenting with it since, tightly tailored lace elegance graced models across the runways at shows like Celine and Givenchy, proving that even the chicest of the chic have signed on and are embracing flowery elegance for fall. 

The Retro Throwback: Electric Blue
Cobalt, Cerulean, Electric – whatever you want to call it, it’s one of this fall’s hottest colors. Vintage to the extreme, visions of electric blue were all over the runway, gracing the looks at Burberry, Matthew Williamson, and Sonia Rykiel – to say the least. A color that gorgeously accents every skin tone, this haute hue is a definite keeper. Make it your statement with an electric blue dress or military style jacket, or rock it on your shoes, scarves, or nails for an accent that’s sure to turn heads. Either way – keep the ’80s alive and inspire your inner rocker chic. You won’t regret it. 

1. Pringle of Scottland
2. Salvatore Ferragamo
3. Gareth Pugh
4. Givenchy
5. Matthew Willamson

Photos: Style.com

Image Layout: Tiffany Carlin

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