Laser Treatment At A Beautiful You Spa in Chicago. Only $50 During Spa Week Spring 2010!

March 23, 2010 • Beauty

Debra Tamblyn, RN, MSN, CPE, CNM of A Beautiful You in Chicago

Hair removal is a personal preference, when it comes to where you want to remove it, and where you may want to keep it! For example, you may not want to do anything that is permanent to change your eyebrows, because beauty trends change. But underarm hair is a no-brainer. I don't want hair there! In the many years of shaving under my arms I never think, "Oh yes, I want hair there now!" I really don't see a Woodstock movie performance in my future. So when I had the opportunity to try armpit laser treatment at A Beautiful You Spa in Chicago, I was certainly willing to give it a try!

Debra Tamblyn is the founder and owner of A Beautiful You Spa in Chicago. She is an RN as well as a midwife, so you should feel comfortable having her removed hair from any part of your body! She explained my laser treatment step-by-step to let me know exactly what to expect before she started. To prep for the treatment she told me to shave my underarms and not to wax or use a depilatory. Okay, good, I thought so I don't have to "grow out" any hair prior to this treatment.

Then she explained laser treatments can offer permanent reduction depending on the person. For example, she claims after five treatments under her own arms, she has remained hair free for years. Laser treatments can target a larger area since it uses a wavelength of light. "Will it hurt?" I asked her. "You may fee heat, it may pinch and if you find that it unbearable, just tell me and I will stop." 

Debra was excited about the machine she was using because it works on all skin colors. Laser treatments used to be a problem for darker skin tones, but not any more! She leases the equipment and brings in the most up-to date monthly. She asked me if I tan and if I get sunburn on my first day in the sun, and then she adjusted the level on the machine accordingly.

So to answer the question, "Did it hurt?" Since I knew I had the option of telling her "ouch" of course then it really did not hurt. I wanted her to know I felt a pinch, but still wanted her to continue. There was a little bit of that burnt hair smell, but no cause for alarm. It took what seemed like one minute to laser under each arm. My skin felt a bit scratchy and like it had a sunburn. She recommended that I put aloe gel under my arms that evening.

I used the aloe, but I really did not have that much discomfort. Debra also explained in about 4 days I would see little dark hairs coming up. These are the dead hairs and to use a loofah to remove them from the follicle. I also thought I could feel the hair follicles bumping up more than usual. I hoped these "little bumps" were a temporary condition after the laser, so I exfoliated a little bit more, just by using a rough towel, for a few more days. After 7 days the little bumps were gone, and I was back to shaving, but the area of hair growth appeared to be lighter. Time will tell! Every 4-6 weeks one should go back for another treatment.

Just in time! A Beautiful You is offering $50 armpit or upper lip treatments during SPA WEEK® Spring 2010
April 12-18th! Regularly $75. Call for an appointment with Debra Tamblyn before she books up today!

A Beautiful You | (312) 372-1977 | 25 E. Washington, Suite 825 | Chicago, IL 60602

Visit A Beautiful You and learn more on their blog.


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