Celebrity Trends. Hair Care: It’s Time For A Change!

March 24, 2010 • Celebrity Style

We all watched in horror as Keri Russell famously sheared her fabulously long curly locks after a severe breakup.  And of course, there was that crazy Britney Spears incident where she walked into a salon, took the razor from the hairdresser's hand, and shaved off her hair.

Now Jennifer Love Hewitt has cut her curly do for a quick, but easy post-breakup change-up after she separated from funnyman Jamie Kennedy.  Which begs the question—why do women feel the need to cut off their hair when they let go of a man?

Studies show that women are looking for a lifestyle change and a release of their emotional baggage and so losing or changing their hair becomes the quickest and easiest way to release the "weight off their shoulders." After all, many women do believe that an outside change in appearance reflects an inside change, as well.

Guess celebs are in on it, too. Here are some celebs who transformed their hair post-break up. 

We all gasped in horror and surprise when Ryan Phillippe let go of the girlfriend that was rumored to end his marriage to Reese Witherspoon. OK, not really.  We sort of saw this coming.  After all, Abbie Cornish was a slightly more curvaceous Reese-lookalike. 

What we didn't see coming? Abbie's short locks post breakup. 

Abbie Abbiecornishhair
On right, the blond bombshell at Kimberly Brooks' “The Stylist Project” exhibition in Los Angeles. 

It sort of reminds of another blonde bombshell who changed up her do, post breakup with one Ryan Phillippe.

Reeseryan Reese
We're guessing this beauty made the right decision in all areas. 

Abbie's not the only one who decided the real way to get rid of the baggage was to chop off the do.  Anne Hathaway did the same after a tumultuous breakup with then-beau Raffaello Follieri, who has since gone to jail for fraud. 

Anne Annahathawayhair
Anne Hathaway celebrated her freedom with a new bob. Now, she also has a new beau!

Glad to see they're cutting the bad stuff out of their life! But does that gorgeous hair have to go too?

Photos: Zimbio, People, WWD, JustJared

–Simona Kogan

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