Steven Klein Picked to Direct GaGa’s Next Video

March 24, 2010 • Celebrity Style

GaGa doing what she does best—acting weird in the "Telephone" video

Famed fashion photog Steven Klein has been picked as the next choice for what's arguably the most coveted role in fashion media these days: the director of a Lady GaGa video. A veteran in the fashion world, Klein has been known primarily for his celebrity and editorial work for French and
Italian Vogue, as well as Details and W magazine (including
the July 2005 issue featuring Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie as a Sixties
family). Klein has recently dabbled in video, directing a
handful of commercials and short fashion films and collaborating with
Madonna on the background videos for her 2004 and 2006 concert tours, as well as the more recent work of a video short for her latest D&G sunglasses campaign. But is he ready to take on the otherworldy, outrageous challenge that is Gagaland?

The pop star has barely finished fielding question on the bizarre and over the top nature of her latest video, "Telephone", the highly-publicized collaboration with Beyonce. But people kinda get by now that this is her "thing" so it's not surprising that she's already turned her sights on the newest endeavor, filming the video for her latest single "Alejandro".  We've seen her do French in "Bad Romance" and Russian or some kind of Slavic in "Paparazzi"; now she will attempt to channel the fiery language of love, Spanish. But can she pull it off? New York Magazine says nada, claiming " She'll probably make no less of a spectacle of herself with the "Alejandro" phase, especially with her faux Spanish accent, which sounds ridiculous on the track mixed with her faux forties movie accent." But with Klein by her side, we're whatever she lacks in vocals is sure to be made up for in how fabulous she'll look. And let's face it—that's all anyone really cares about anyway.

Article Source: WWD, NY Mag
Photo Source: photobucket
-Alia Rajput

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