Place Your Bets: The Odds on Who’s the Next to Go on Project Runway

March 25, 2010 • Lifestyle

Who's the next to be cut loose??

So we know we haven't done this since the second week or so, but with seven contestants left, the competition at Project Runway is firing up and we're even more anxious to find out who can't take the heat. So, we've turned back to our old friends at, the site with a team of experienced oddmakers that have put together lines for popular television shows. And it doesn't get more popular that PR! The head of, Mickey Richardson, and his team have meticulously calculated the odds of which designer is statistically the most prone to getting kicked off tonight's show.


As it stands, Seth Aaron looks like biggest potential candidate of receiving an air kiss from Heidi, but who knows? This season has been chock full of surprises. Take note of our odds from then catch tonight's episode of Project Runway on Bravo at 9 p.m. to see if they add. And don't forget to check out our episode recap and memorable quotes post tomorrow! 

-Alia Rajput

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