Simon Doonan at Barneys. A Shoe Feast For Chicago’s Shoe Addicts!

March 25, 2010 • Events


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Barneys New York on Oak Street held an event for all shoe addicts yesterday. Luckily, I fit the bill. They served champagne, cookies and sparkling water (the perfect combination to calm you down, get you going, and refresh you when you can barely swallow during the frenzy of shoe shopping.)

Simon Doonan gave shoppers advice, and pulled names for a free pair of shoes (yes, you heard that right!). He got right in there and began helping customers. I heard him asking for a leather hole punch as he helped woman with her ankle strap on the gold metallic Pierre Hardy platforms (this pair was a true work of art…I needed a moment to take a breath, or maybe a drink of water.) 


I was grinning and looking wide-eyed at Simon Doonan, he could tell I was eagerly seeking his advice and he kindly came up to me!

SCS: Do you have any recommendations for women on shoes for Spring?

SD:  There are so many styles right now, (He motions to the room of shoes at Barneys)…it really is a personal thing, a personal preference for a woman.

SCS: I'm thinking you are big on platforms. What do you think of the low style, like the oxfords they are showing?

SD: Oh the butch ones? Those are good, too! A woman can wear shoes in so many different ways. It depends on how she wears them. It really is whatever makes her happy!"

SCS: There is a lot that make me happy here today! …Now I heard that you once showed up wearing high heels. Do you do this often?

SD: That was for a fashion Show in Dallas… I got up there and I told women "Now if I can wear these, so can you! No complaining!"

SCS: What about age? Do you think that women of a certain age should not be wearing certain shoe styles?

SD: Oh no – it is not about age. Women will ask me "Am I too old for these?" And I tell them "If you have to ask me then it may not be right for you!" Do what feels right and you can wear whatever you choose!"

Then I had a quick flash forward – I'm 80 years old and I am wearing high wedge Clergeries… not embellished Guiseppi Zanotti platforms, mind you, but maybe some Demeulemeester boots. Anyway, he certainly inspired me to be true to myself and to always wear what I love.

So today, here is what I loved and picked out at Barneys (regarding shoes) for spring!


Rochas, Asymmetric Wedge in Navy $700

A regal velvet sandal with a gold platform? First I am thinking they look too warm for spring, but then I think of how cold it is in June. Perfect for Chicago. I also love the idea of wearing these these in the middle of summer with crisp white… or with a strange contrast of peach or yellow eyelet.


Christian Louboutin Poseidon in Lavender $1,195

You must see and touch these in person. Certainly the most collectible Louboutin of the season. These are so beautiful I would want to wear them as a necklace. Don't get the gold, get the lavender.

Alexander Wang, Jac Sandal in Black $395

Get them while you can! This is a true Alexander Wang story: Last fall I saw a pair of black mid-heeled (rare!) oxford shoes (with his cool notched heel). It was early in the season, I thought I'd come back later. Next thing I knew, they were gone! Nowhere to be found, not online, not anywhere… they disappeared. So do not hesitate when purchasing Alexander Wang. These have cool black studs on the heel.


Fendi, Multi Strap Pump in Gold/Black $795

These speak for themselves. A woman tried these on and they were extremely flattering. The gold around the ankle keeps your leg looking slim. I have found Fendi shoes to be very comfortable.

n.d.c. Sunday Shoe L in Dark Silver $510

A cool "Butch Shoe" for spring. Wear with skinny jeans, long shorts, short skirts, full skirts…. pretend you are barefoot and just wear 'em with everything!


Robert Clergerie, Wipper in Dark Grey $595

Something about these "chukka boots gone space age" with their white rubber soles just made me smile. I'm following Simon Doonan's advice…"whatever makes you happy!"

—Carol Calacci

Photos: Second City Style

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  1. Truett Ogden says:

    Love the chukkas, Carol! 🙂 And those wedges are really cute! They give me faith in this whole velvet trend thing…

  2. Whitney G says:

    Simon Doonan is my own personal deity. I love that man so much. If you haven’t already, you should definitely read Eccentric Glamour.

  3. This site sounds amazing and appeals to the shoe addict in me. This site is indeed a value adding one。I was thinking about writing a post on this exact subject. Thank you.

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