WTF! The Week That Was In Bad Celebrity Style.

March 26, 2010 • Celebrity Style

Caridee English at a fashion show benefit for Haiti in New York City

Comment: I hate to have to do this, since I met former ANTM Caridee last fashion week and she was awesome. What is not awesome, however, is the transformation she's been slowly undergoing, a sort of stylistic devolvement, since she became a celebrity. That awful faux-hawk (which I saw in person, its intense) is bad enough lying limply on her head. But curled and poufed out its downright horrible, channeling a very poor impersonation of Prince. Pair that with the fugly jeggings and over the top earrings and its really no surprise that Carrie is so SINGLE.

She's Thinking: Just call me Scary Carrie.

Tish Cyrus at the premiere of The Last Song in LA
Tish Cyrus (and Miley) at the premiere of "The Last Song" in L.A.

Comment: Miley's only in this pic by default-she actually looks fantastic. But its her creepy urchin of a mother that needs to be given a talking to. Tish! You are not a star. Yes you're married to a one-hit wonder from twenty years ago and you had a lot of weird-looking kids, one of whom has gone on to show some talent, but those accomplishments does not a celebrity make. So can you please, PLEASE try and be supportive of your daughter without trying to pathetically come off as a 16 year old yourself? Just give it up and let her have the spotlight! She's young, fun, and unlike you, her boobs are real. 

She's Thinking: Being a teenager is a lot more fun the second time around! 

Carey Mulligan at The Greatest premiere in Hollywood
Carey Mulligan at the premiere of "The Greatest" in Hollywood

Comment: Now here's an example of extreme opposites. 24 year old Carey Mulligan is also you, fresh, and fun…….and for some reason borrowing the wardrobe of Queen Elizabeth. With cute and edgy star Shia Labeouf as her boyfriend, you'd think she want to rock out a but more, especially at her own movie premiere. Now if we could have her switch outfits with Tish Cyrus, we'd have a sexy, hot young actress and a sophisticated, un-trashy mother. If only it were that easy….

She's Thinking: We thought this was the best outfit for us.

Maya at the International Dance Music Awards in Miami Beach

Comment: OK, EVEN though its a dance awards ceremony and EVEN though its taking place in Miami Beach-the world of orange spray tans and gaudy accenting, I still can't get on board with this dress. The brassy color against Maya's bronzed skin, naturally colored or otherwise, is not flattering in the least. And the voluminous ruffles with raw edges just look messy and overall unfinished.

She's Thinking: Well if I fall asleep during the ceremony, at least I have a built-in cushy pillow.

Dallas Frasca, Musicoz Awards in Sydney
Dallas Frasca at the Musicoz Awards in Sydney

Comment: I don't even know who this is, but I'm assuming she's a musician and because of that, believes she can get away with going out in public looking like an escapee from the nearest insane asylum.

She's Thinking: I don't have long, I've got to get back to the asylum by 9.

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-Alia Rajput  

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