Beauty Buff. Get Glowing Skin by Exfoliating Regularly

March 30, 2010 • Beauty


Clinique Facial Scrub 

To get your skin in tip-top shape for warmer months exfoliating is a must! Cleanse and moisturize as you normally would, but add a bit of intensity to your daily routine by trying an exfoliating scrub or a weekly mask to rid of dead skin cells on the skin's surface.

I like Clinique's Exfoliating Scrub (Super-Exfoliate) which contains salicylic acid – an ingredient that gives the skin an extra boost in producing rapid cell turnover and prevention of blemishes. I have oily skin; therefore, I need a product that keeps oil production in check without overly drying my skin. The scrub leaves my skin feeling soft and refreshed, which is an added bonus for all skin types!

Purchase Clinique Cosmetic's at fine department stores nationwide, or online at

– Nicole L. Townsend


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